Up and Adam - A BerganKDV Podcast

Up and Adam - A BerganKDV Podcast

Navigating Philanthropic Campaigns in 2020

October 15, 2020
Kristin Roberts, President and CEO of United Way of East Central Iowa and Nicole Mead, Market Sales Leader in ICR join the podcast today to talk about the amazing work that the United Way is doing to support the local community through the impacts of COVID and the Derecho weather event that hit the area in August.

The community was impacted heavily by the Derecho storm, the entire county was out of power for multiple days. The United Way of Central Iowa quickly organized to set up the emergency volunteer center to connect to larger state and national resources. Kristen shares the inspiring actions she saw from the local teams mobilizing to help each other, but also the amazing help received from the volunteers through the emergency volunteer center.

Philanthropic campaigns may look different this year with many of the in-person events coming to a halt due to COVID, but communities are still in need and many organizations are stepping up and getting creative with their giving campaigns.

Learn more about the United Way of Central Iowa, how they help, and how to get involved here.

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