Up and Adam - A BerganKDV Podcast

Up and Adam - A BerganKDV Podcast

Information Security: Risk and Opportunity for Organizations

September 17, 2020

Adam sits down with Robin Nelson, Team Leader of the IT Security Team at BerganKDV. There was no shortage of topics to talk through and they started off by diving into the evolution of technology security and how far the industry has come in a short amount of time.

Robin breaks down physical risk VS data risk and gives a real-life example of an attack that took place on our own organization. Robin recently shifted into the role on the security solutions team and talks about how businesses should evaluate and prioritize IT Security.

We wrap up the episode talking about how COVID has impacted technology. Habits have changed and that's the reality! Robin talks about how company owned devices can still be monitored safely in a remote environment and some important things to take into consideration as your employees start to migrate their devices back to the office. In short: the machines need a bath before you let them back on your network.

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