Untamed Heritage

Untamed Heritage

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054 - What is the DSC Foundation
August 10, 2020

What is the DSC Foundation? Well, the DSC Foundation exists to help support both the local and international conservation through hunting model. Today Larry sits down with Richard Cheatham and Tim Fallon, two of the board members for the DSC Foundation, t

053 - Writing and Photography for Outdoor Publications
August 03, 2020

Larry sits down with Jay Ann Cox, editor of DSC’s Game Trails. The pair discuss how Jay Ann got into writing and what moved her to transition into outdoor writing as the focus for her career and Larry shares his experiences writing as well. Jay Ann also t

040 - Hunting Axis Aoudads and Nilgai
August 03, 2020

Larry leads us on a journey through three different adventures while hunting Axis Deer, Aoudads, and Nilgai Antelope. Also, we get an update from Richard Cheatham with the DSC Foundation on the international threats facing hunting today.

035 - Tim Fallon and the FTW Ranch
August 03, 2020

Larry visits the FTW Ranch and sits down with Tim Fallon. The two discuss how the ranch came about, the sportsman all weather - all terrain marksmanship training and shooting school.

033 - Testing New Coyote Calls with Gary Robertson and the Gang
August 03, 2020

Gary & Steven Robertson with Burnham Brothers Game Calls is in the final stages of testing an new Coyote call they are developing for release. The group is joined by Craig Archer and Eddie Stevenson as they discuss predator hunting and past calls.

038 - Hunting the Black Bear
August 03, 2020

Ever wonder what it is to hunt the black bear? Larry recounts his first bear hunt, and the journey of successive hunts that original experience has led to over the years. He details different aspects of each hunt, techniques used during the hunt, and even

052 – Wild Hogs with Luke Clayton and Jeff Rice
July 27, 2020

Today Larry sits down with Luke Clayton from Luke Clayton Outdoors on Catfish Radio, and Jeff Rice from the Buck and Bass Ranch out in Lake Fork Texas.  The guys talk about the history and origin of wild hogs, hunting hogs,

051 – Pre-Taxidermy Considerations and Preparations
July 20, 2020

Larry is very particular when it comes to taxidermy work and the way his prized trophies are prepared and represented.  Today he sits down with Jon Wilson from Double Nickel Taxidermy to discuss the steps that need to be taken by the hunter right from ...

050 – Staying Vigilant During These Changing Times
July 13, 2020

In these interesting times, things can change very quickly.  Larry sits down with Executive Director, Corey Mason, from DSC to discuss the diversity of the day.  Tune in now to get updates on the California Senate Bill 1175,

049 – Preparing for the Hunt
July 06, 2020

This week Larry is coming to us from the canopy of a giant oak tree out on the land where he spent some of his childhood years.  The giant limbs of the tree bring back memories of a simpler time, and the many days spent daydreaming of the hunts he migh...