Unselfish, The Podcast

Unselfish, The Podcast

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On Emotions, Personal Integrity and Being Authentic.
November 05, 2018

What does being authentic mean to you? Where do emotions fit into your picture of authenticity? Is being authentic the same as having personal integrity? Visit www.leadteamculture.com/lead/unselfish-podcast-show-notes-05/ for full show notes and transc...

Unselfish 04: What’s in It for Me?
October 28, 2018

Are we too busy to help one another? Or can our failures to answer large and small calls for help be traced back to our cultural myths about society and human nature? We might see a conflict between pursuing our personal goals and answering a call for ...

Finding Meaning in our Life Stories: Optimism, Pessimism, and Self-Esteem.
October 18, 2018

How personal, permanent, and pervasive are your typical life stories of good and bad events? These explanations relate to how optimistic or pessimistic you are, and whether you let good things enhance and bad things erode your self-esteem.

Unselfish 02: Singlehood
October 10, 2018

Within the span of a human lifetime the percentage of single-person households have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in many affluent western countries. Today, a quarter to a third of all households in most developed countries consist are single-per...

Project Management and People Problems
October 02, 2018

Today, we believe that it’s simply human nature to individually pursue our personal goals and we expect that healthy and rational others are doing the same. Unfortunately, the individualistic perspectives and market metaphors we bring to many of our si...