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Awaken Atlanta: Cheating Love

September 05, 2019

Listen to Shannon McVey, and Tim Ray talk about marriage, food, cheating, comedy and much more...

Today's Awaken Star is New Thought Life Coach, Tim Owens.

Tim was a successful producer/comedian & former talk show host whose life changed dramatically after he went thru a shift in consciousness. He became interested in reaching out and assisting others in living a more balanced existence. Tim's philosophical approach is a simple one. The world has changed. We have evolved and must adapt to our new society. To be a peaceful being the spirit, body and mind must be in equal balance.  


Today's Goodwill Partner is Holistic Chef, Activist, and Business Owner, Chef Boyan.

Chef Boyan is the President of Holistic Chefs of America LLC. Chef Boyan is partnering with the medical community to use holistic approach in order to help treat their clients, who are suffering from ailments and diseases caused by poor diets, GMO's, and the restaurant industry. Over the years Chef Boyan became an expert on Organic foods, GMO's and how to avoid them, with multiple speaking engagements on local Atlanta radio WRFG 89.3fm.