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The Good Intentions Show: Transforming Governments
September 06, 2019

Join Host Tim Ray and co-host Mark Stephen Pooler interview Ambassador, Dr. Raymond Harlall. World Civility Ambassador, Dr. Raymond Harlall,Doctorate of Humanities (h.c.) Ambassador, Dr. Raymond Harlall, Doctorate of Humanities (h.c.) has come a...

Awaken Atlanta: Cheating Love
September 05, 2019

Listen to Shannon McVey, and Tim Ray talk about marriage, food, cheating, comedy and much more... Today's Awaken Star is New Thought Life Coach, Tim Owens. Tim was a successful producer/comedian & former talk show host whose life changed...

Motherhood to Menopause
September 04, 2019

There IS life outside the City !! UI Media Network welcomes you to 'In the Burbs' with Amy Lyle & Gina Edwards Ryals where we talk about marriage, divorce, empty nest and all the rest. Basically, everything from motherhood to menopause. The show is...

The Good Intentions Show: Calling All Spiritual Entrepreneurs
September 04, 2019

Join Tim Ray as he interviews Authentic Courage Coach and Shamanic Mentor, Erin Newman. Erin Newman is an Authentic Courage Coach and Shamanic Mentor for smart, spiritual entrepreneurs. She helps business owners to bust through their subconscious...

Love Manifested!!
September 03, 2019

The Good Intentions Show: The Shame of It All
September 03, 2019

Join Tim Ray as he interviews Shame & Worthiness Coach & Counselor, Melissa Fino I have dedicated the last 8 years to coaching & counseling people on how to overcome adversity. I am on a mission to empower women all over the world to let go of all of...

Awaken Atlanta: Dying For Beauty
September 03, 2019

Listen to Shannon McVey, and Tim Ray talk about breast implants, plastic surgery, self image, life's purpose and much more... Today's Awaken Star is Business Coach / Entrepreneur, Tamra Dae Tamra was a former college D1 soccer player, turned...

Creating World Record Holers
August 30, 2019

There's nothing more valuable to you than your health. Without it, there's nothing you would be able to enjoy. Your Health is Your Wealth. Join host Cathryn Marshall as she interviews Plank World Record Holder George E. Hood Friday, August 30th on...