Unearthly Paranormal Stories

Unearthly Paranormal Stories

The Boy in the Board

February 17, 2019

This episode has been in the making for quite some time. Last season I interviewed a woman named, Kristen, who had a terrifying experience as a child while taking swimming lessons at an old hotel.

The story is called “Tanya” and is ep. 8 of season 1 in case you missed. It’s a good one and there are a lot of evidence from other guests of this hotel who claim that a little ghost girl still roams the halls to this day.

Not long after the episode aired, Kristen’s mother, Kathy, sent me an email saying that she had her own paranormal encounter from when she was a teenager that she’d like to share. I interviewed her and knew that it was a story I had to tell.

When Kathy was 14 years old she convinced her family to let her stay home alone while they went on a camping trip. But after two long dog days of summer, Kathy was yearning for some company...especially from Boy…her friend who lived in her Ouija Board. What happened that night was just as unexpected as it was terrifying and would be the end of their unique friendship.

So, sit back, try to relax as you remember that this story, The Boy in the Board, is based on true events.