40: Underwhelmed In LA- Part Two

July 18, 2018

Well, you've been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear all about the end of the LA trip.  Wait no longer!  In this episode the dynamic duo discusses their last night in the City of Angels and their BIG celebrity sighting in Part Two of their LA Recap!  An outing to a fancy LA establishment did leave Christie and Nicole with an unexpected question about artichoke consumption.  In true theme of the podcast, the end of a vacation and the transition to normal everyday life is about as underwhelming as things get.  But it doesn't matter how long the jet lag or post-vaca bloat last, they are always ready for their next adventure!

Part Two of their discussion includes: Craig’s, Michael Bolton, California Pizza Kitchen, and Delta Sky Lounge, as well as all of the reasons to be underwhelmed when you return fro a trip!

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