38: Part Two of the DecantDC / Underwhelmed Crossover: Four Wines and Some New Friends

July 03, 2018

This is Part Two of our very first crossover podcast with DecantDC! Part One can be found at- https://apple.co/2tRgPlD.

This week Nicole and Christie teamed up with Dana and Sarah from DecantDC to try out four different wines and discuss how exactly one makes friends as an adult. The ladies chat about the different ways they have tried to make new friends during different points in their lives- whether they were living in the same place they grew up in, alone in a city they just moved to, part of a couple that was looking for other couple friends, or as a new parent. The best part about this crossover is that everyone made new friends in the process!

Check out this week’s “How To Not be Underwhelmed” for information on the wines we tried and our rankings- http://www.underwhelmedpodcast.com/how-to-not-be-underwhelmed.html

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