37: Underwhelmed or Overwhelmed with Danny Pellegrino

June 19, 2018

Get excited for a very special two segment episode!

Part One: Christie and Nicole, aka "The Podcast Bandits", sit down from yet another random location in our Nation's Capital, Le Diplomat, to discuss some of life's more important questions over lunch. This Dynamic Duo has known each other for over a decade but that won't stop them from learning new things about each other every day!  Are you curious as to Christie's thoughts on Chrissy Teigen, field days, vow renewals, and the surge in Oreo flavors?  Do you wonder what Nicole thinks about Beyonce, Selena Gomez, cupcakes at weddings, and Chip & Joanna Gaines?  Dying to know whether Christie would rather give up cheese or become a swinger?  Losing sleep because you don't know Nicole's thoughts on Ariana Grande's speedy engagement?  Listen in to hear the answers to all of these questions and more!

Part Two: If you get sick of learning about the Dynamic Duo, you'll love hearing the answers to these questions and more from our special guest, Danny Pellegrino.  Danny is a writer, comedian, and content creator who created and hosts his own podcast, Everything Iconic.  Christie and Nicole both love his podcast and enjoyed talking pop culture with him on their own show!

Danny can be found at on , on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dannypellegrino, and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DannyPellegrino.

Christie can be found on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/realchristiewheeler and Nicole can be found at https://www.instagram.com/realnicolekokinos.

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