Governed by God

Governed by God

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S1E9 – Defending Theonomy, Part 2 (Response to White Horse Inn)
November 18, 2020

Today is the second part of my defense of theonomy. Last episode, I responded to a 9Marks podcast episode hosted by Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever. Today, I look at a recent episode from the White Horse Inn podcast, hosted by Dr. Michael Horton.

S1E8 – Defending Theonomy, Part 1 (Response to 9Marks)
November 11, 2020

Today is the first part of a two-part series on a defense of theonomy. In part one, I respond to a recent 9Marks podcast episode hosted by Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever. They interview T. David Gordon, who critiques theonomy and reacts to its apparent...

S1E7 – Tattle Tales, Twitter, and Tyranny
October 28, 2020

Today I look at the recent situation regarding Twitter, Facebook, and possible congressional subpoenas. What is the difference between being a publisher and a platform? How does God's law regarding slander apply to this?

S1E6 – God’s Law, Man’s Law
October 14, 2020

On today's episode I look at how God's law is the foundation for all law and how man's law should be viewed in light of that reality. We see God's law both in nature and in Scripture, yet it is all a reflection of His character.

S1E5 – Understanding the Law, Part 2
September 30, 2020

On today's episode I finished looking at how God's law can be applied to God's people under the New Covenant. I show how the apostles understood and applied Old Testament laws to the New Testament Church and I also provide some additional examples of h...

S1E4 – Special Edition: How to Fight and When to Fight
September 23, 2020

Today is a special edition episode that I did in light of both the passing of RBG and the recent comments on justice by Tim Keller. Given that the Republicans have seemingly decided to proceed with filling the empty seat on the Supreme Court,

S1E3 – Understanding the Law, Part 1
September 16, 2020

On today's episode I look at how God's law applied to the people of Israel and what it means for Jesus Christ to fulfill the law. Why does it matter that Jesus is the new High Priest and has inaugurated a New Covenant?

S1E2 – Why the Law?
September 02, 2020

On today's episode I look at what God's law is and why Christians should care about it. I also discuss the three uses of the law as set forth in Scripture. Sadly, too many people call themselves followers of Christ but have no idea what that means for ...

S1E1 – Governed by God: Pilot Episode
August 19, 2020

Today is the release of the pilot episode for my new show, Governed by God. In this new podcast, I will be focusing primarily on the topics of civics and government from a Biblical perspective. On today's episode I provide a brief overview of the four ...

Archived 2GAB Season 2, Episode 20 – Rights, Risk, and the ‘Rona
May 31, 2020

Today was the final episode for Season 2. With Dillon dedicating much of his time moving into his new house, we plan to start up again in a month or so. In the meantime, I went solo this episode, discussing a wide range of topics such as human rights/r...