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16 Sales in September: Here's Exactly How Vel Bates Did It
November 30, 2023

102 leads, 45 appointments, 26 shows and 16 sales: These are real September stats for Vel Bates’ gym, 3D Fitness, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.In today’s episode of “Run a Profitable Gym,” Mike Warkentin talks with Vel, who shares the plan behind the numbers.Ve

Building Your Gym: Your 2024 Annual Plan for Growth
November 27, 2023

Do you have a plan for growing your gym in 2024? In todays episode, Chris Cooper goes over Two-Brains free 2024 annual plan: It's designed to help gym owners like you get more clients, increase average revenue per member, improve retention, inspir

Guided Access: Solving Labor Shortages at CrossFit MASS
November 23, 2023

Having trouble staffing your gym? You aren't alone.In this episode of Run a Profitable Gym, Chris Cooper sits down with Joe Venuti and Alessandra Bisalti of CrossFit MASS, who share how theyve used "guided access" to transform their gym

Going Big: Scaling a PT Business From 1 to 23 Locations
November 20, 2023

In this special episode produced in collaboration with Gym World Worldwide, John Franklin chats with Curtis Christopherson, owner of Innovative Fitness.Curtis' personal-training gym chain spans 23 locations, with each averaging over $1 million in a

Deep Data Dive: The Fitness Industry Under the Microscope
November 16, 2023

Two Brains annual State of the Industry report is out! With metrics from over 13,400 gyms, the guide provides valuable insight into how gym owners can build better businesses. In this episode of Run a Profitable Gym, host Mike Warkentin sits down wit

State of the Industry 2023 Report: Chris Cooper's Highlights
November 13, 2023

Every year, Two-Brain Business pours a ton of resources into our State of the Industry report, which is regarded by many experts and organizations as the best in the fitness space. We give the report to gym ownerslike youfor free every year so they h

Superhero-Sized Revenue: Secrets From Wolverine's Trainer
November 09, 2023

Steve Ramsbottom has worked with stars such as Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Jessica Alba, as well as Paralympic medalists and countless other professional athletes.The owner of Performance Institute in British Columbia, Canada, Steve is also one of Two-Bra

How to Take Your Gym From Good to Great
November 06, 2023

The best gym owners in the world share three things: They know their niche, they create a culture of discipline in their businesses, and they build and preserve momentum.Finding your niche allows you to become the best at what you do, which increases clie

Revenue Double-Up: How Eric Conner Did It Without Running Ads
November 02, 2023

Eric Conner is killing it. His gym grosses over US$50,000 a month in a really tough market just outside Los Angeles. Since 2016, hes increased revenue by 100 percent. In 2022-2023 alone, he increased his gross by 20 percent. And hes done it without runn

Big, Sexy Gym Metrics: Our Revenue Leaderboard
October 30, 2023

How much money do the top gyms pull in each month? Youll find out in this episode of Run a Profitable Gym as Chris Cooper runs through the Top 10 leaderboard for revenue in September 2023. Every gym on the leaderboard grossed more than US$49,000, and t