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Find That Film: Overlord
September 30, 2019

I can’t believe we’re in season six. I’ve been slacking a bit and poor ManWithPez has been posting, writing, pulling clips…well, he’s been doing everything but recording my lines. I’ll... Read more »

Find That Film: Evolution
September 18, 2019

Back in 2001, the film comedy as a genre that people regularly went to the theater for was beginning to change, and, in my opinion, not for the better.  So... Read more »

Find That Film: Blood Simple
September 11, 2019

The Coen brothers are powerhouses of modern cinema, and here is their first movie:  Blood Simple…and what a debut!  Neon-drenched, bloody, violent, Texas-themed neo-noir, and man, does it pack a... Read more »

Find That Film: The Flamingo Kid
September 04, 2019

Welcome back to season 6 of Find That Film!  And to kick things off, here’s a coming of age summer film from 1984 starring Matt Dillon called The Flamingo Kid. ... Read more »

Find That Film: The Boogens
April 18, 2019

For episode 23, we are finally closing out season five by discussing the 1981 not-horror-classic The Boogens. This low budget monster flick is best remembered for its monsters. For the record,... Read more »

Find That Film: Impulse
April 16, 2019

At the tail end of Summer of 1984, an intriguing psychological thriller slipped in and out of theaters. Even though it had sex, murder, and small town insanity, season five... Read more »

Find That Film: Miller’s Crossing
April 04, 2019

Yes, we’re still in season five. I know. It’s on me. I’m sorry. ManWithPez has been chomping at the bit to do an Albert Finney movie and here I sit... Read more »

Find That Film: Innocent Blood
February 20, 2019

Do you remember that John Landis werewolf movie from the 80s?  Yeah?  Most people do and consider it the seminal film in the subgenre.  Did you know he made a... Read more »

Find That Film: Sneakers
February 13, 2019

I thought he posted it. He thought I posted it. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Things seem to sneak by more and more everyday. Episode 19 is one... Read more »

Find That Film: Dune
January 30, 2019

Season five episode 18 is 1984’s Dune. We know it’s a divisive movie for Dune fans but we’d like you to give it a chance. David Lynch brought a unique... Read more »