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Twenty Dollar Gaming

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14 - VA-11 Hall-A
February 24, 2017

Mix drinks amidst cybperpunk anecdotes with cyberpunk bartender game, VA-11 Hall-A! Listen for thoughts on making choices through bartending mechanics, narrative techniques for a post-dystopia setting, and how well the game handles its fascinating,...

13 - Panoramical and Islands: Non-Places
January 05, 2017

Exhilarate your senses and reveal the hidden beauty in abstract and absurd playspaces with two of the strangest games Andy and Jamie have ever played - Panoramical and Islands: Non-Places! Control sight, sound, and emotion itself in the mesmerizing...

12 - The Curious Expedition
November 29, 2016

Venture into mysterious and wild places with The Curious Expedition! Explore strange, untrodden lands in search of fame! Annoy natives who only want their sacred artifacts back! Collect golden statues, hunting trophies and... shudder......

11 - Quadrilateral Cowboy
September 29, 2016

Break into Quadrilateral Cowboy, the puzzle-heist-hacking tale of three friends, one supercomputer and a dream: to ditch their useless diplomas and live a life of crime! Also features a cute little robot thing, an eye-catching boxy art style and...

10 - The Magic Circle
July 25, 2016

This month, game into The Magic Circle, a game about a game about games. It's pretty meta. This is the gamiest game ever gamed, made by gamey people who think about nothing but games. GAMES. This is gamenip for us.

9 - The Flame in the Flood
June 16, 2016

Settle down by the fire. Take the weight off your feet. Brew some dandelion tea. Mend your OH MY GOD LOOK OUT IT'S A WOLF RUN!   This month the gang plays The Flame in the Flood, an all-American survival game from the Molasses Flood. It's...

8 - Uplink & Hacknet
May 04, 2016

Journey through a history of hacking simulators as Andy and Jamie play legendary hacking game, Uplink, and its spiritual successor, Hacknet. Listen for riveting discussions of the historical contexts of both games and how that affects them, how...

7 - Submerged
March 03, 2016

Dive deep into the mysteries of sunken-city-explorer Submerged! Marvel at the beauty of the landscape! Mm and ahh about the merits of collectibles! Shake your head in tortured disbelief as your poor avatar flings herself from window ledge to...

6 - Rose & Time and The Bridge
February 11, 2016

Wrap your brains round fiendish puzzlers The Bridge and Rose and Time. The effect is like a salmon attempting trigonometry. In five dimensions.

5 - Games of Kitty Horrorshow
January 04, 2016

Fall towards inevitable doom with Jamie and Andy as they play all of the terrifying games of Kitty Horrorshow. Surreal cityscapes, unsettling discoveries, and cryptic themes await us all. The ritual has begun! There is no escape.