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The Urban Renaissance Podcast EP7 – Round Table w/ Watts, Pooh, & Lavert
December 14, 2016

Welcome to the shows first round table episode, ENJOY!!! Find P.A.T. here: Enter Promo Code: PAT and get 10% off at checkout www.

The Urban Renaissance Podcast EP6 – Campaine
December 07, 2016

Sound Engineer extraordinaire Campaine laces us with the Hip Hop sound engineering game. Find Campaine Here: Find P.A.T. here: www.

The Urban Renaissance Podcast EP5 – Jay Byrd
November 23, 2016

Gospel rap veteran Jay Byrd stops by the studio to discuss the gospel rap industry and his plans for the future. Find Jay Byrd Here: Find P.A.T. here: www.runwayboyz.

The Urban Renaissance Podcast EP4 – Dangerous Derek Perkins
October 30, 2016

Pro MMA Fighter Dangerous Derek Perkins sits down with P.A.T. to give insight about the fight life. Find Derek Perkins Here: Snapchat: Dangerous22142 Find P.A.T. here: www.facebook.

The Urban Renaissance Podcast EP3 – J-Roc/John Wayne
October 29, 2016

Up and coming emcee J-Roc, also known as John Wayne, steps into The Urban Renaissance Podcast arena to tell us what he’s got going on in the world of battle rap. Find John Wayne here: www.twitter.

The Urban Renaissance Podcast EP2 – Jay Warren
October 29, 2016

Jay Warren, highly sought after personal trainer and dietetics scholar visits host P.A.T. on The Urban Renaissance podcast for our first fitness episode. Find Jay Warren Here: Instagram: Facebook: www.facebook.

The Urban Renaissance EP1
October 24, 2016

Listen to the host of The Urban Renaissance Patrick “P.A.T.” Barnett explain to you who he is and what he plans to do with this platform. Enter Promo Code: PAT and get 10% off at checkout www.