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October 5 - A betrothal for Princess Mary (Mary I)
October 04, 2019

On this day in Tudor history, 5th October 1518,  two-year-old Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, became betrothed to François, the Dauphin of France, who was just a few months old. This betrothal was part of a treaty agreed ...

October 4 - The Pilgrimage of Grace Rebellion is underway!
October 03, 2019

On this day in Tudor history, Wednesday 4th October 1536, trouble erupted in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. This was part of what we know as the Lincolnshire Rising which, in turn, was part of the famous Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion. In today's talk, Clair...

October 3 - Thomas Wolsey, a mass, a treaty and a lavish masque
October 02, 2019

On this day in Tudor history, 3rd October 1518, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor, sang a mass to Henry VIII and the French ambassadors at St Paul's Cathedral in celebration of a treaty between England and France. This mass wasn't th...

The Other Boleyn Girl - Is it accurate?
October 02, 2019

In this latest instalment of her "Questions about Anne Boleyn" series, Claire Ridgway, author of "The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown", looks at Philippa Gregory's best-selling novel, "The Other Boleyn Girl", which was also turned into a movie and adap..

October 2 - William Tyndale, Anne Boleyn and a book for "all Kings to read"
October 01, 2019

On this day in Tudor history, 2nd October 1528, reformer and Bible translator William Tyndale’s book "The Obedience of a Christian Man" was published in Antwerp. A copy of this book owned by Anne Boleyn ended up being a catalyst of the English Reformat...

October 1 - Mary I's coronation and a sumptuous feast
September 30, 2019

On this day in Tudor history, Sunday 1st October 1553, Mary I was crowned queen at Westminster Abbey by Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester. It was a moment of real triumph for Mary and she was England's first official queen regnant. In today's ta...

September 30 - A coronation procession for Mary I
September 29, 2019

On this day in Tudor history, Saturday 30th September 1553, Queen Mary I processed through the streets of London, from the Tower of London to Westminster on her coronation procession. The procession was a mile and a half long and must have been such a ...

September 29 - Elizabeth I tickles Robert Dudley while making him an earl!
September 28, 2019

On this day in Tudor history, 29th September 1564, Michaelmas, the queen’s favourite, Robert Dudley, was made Earl of Leicester and Baron Denbigh in front of the Scottish ambassador, Sir James Melville. Elizabeth I made Dudley an earl so that he'd be s...

September 28 - Mary and Elizabeth travel to the Tower
September 27, 2019

On this day in Tudor history, 28th September 1553, thirty-seven-year-old Queen Mary I, daughter of King Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, travelled in a decorated barge to the Tower of London. She was accompanied by her half-sister, Eli.

September 27 - Catherine of Aragon leaves Spain
September 26, 2019

On this day in Tudor history, 27th September 1501, Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, set sail for England from Laredo, Spain.  Catherine was leaving her homeland to marry Arthur Tudor, son and heir of Ki...