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Inside the Minds of Death Row Inmates: A Terrifying Journey Into Evil

March 28, 2023

Pastor Wayne Whiteside says, “there are people that seem to be hell-bent on being held bound.”

Whiteside knows of what he preaches after ministering to prison inmates for thirty-nine years.

He spent the last 24 years talking with death row inmates in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

Whiteside says he has looked evil in the eye and seen nothing but empty souls.

He has come face to face with the worst of the worst of serial killers who inflicted unimaginable pain and suffering on their victims.

Whiteside holds an unusual perspective on capital punishment.

He has witnessed 30 executions and was present as a chaplain inside the Texas death chamber for one execution.

Two hours before a lethal injection started flowing, one killer confessed to Whiteside the murder of a young convenience clerk and solved a 17-year-old cold case.

Our episodes often take listeners inside the crime scene tape.  This episode is truly a journey into darkness.

At its end, Pastor Whiteside shares advice about how to keep yourself safe from men with a lust for murder.

Note:  We have shared photographs of some inmates Whiteside discusses in this episode, including Jerry “The Animal" McFadden.”

You can view them at

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