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True Crime Reporter

A Sordid Tale Of Bribery And International Intrigue: The Backstory Of The True Crime Reporter | E3

March 10, 2021

As we work on future episodes about notorious prison breaks in Texas and violent crazy cults, I want to share an episode originally produced for our sister podcast Justice Facts.

My cohost is Bill Johnston who is featured in Season 1 of my True Crime Reporter™ podcast called Free to Kill. 

Johnston then a federal prosecutor launched the manhunt for serial killer Kenneth McDuff.

If you have not listened to the 17-episode series, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to Season 1 - Episode 1 to hear about the worst serial killer in Texas history.

Many listeners have asked how I got into investigative reporting.

I started as an investigator in Congress for the Joint Committee Defense Production under Chairman Wright Patman.

Patman who represented the First Congressional District of Texas started the first investigation into the Watergate Scandal.

In 2021, President Biden invoked The Defense Production Act to expedite the production of medical materials need to make COVID-19 vaccines, tests, and personal protective equipment.

When I served as Chief Investigator of the Defense Production Committee we launched an inquiry to allegations of bribery and improper entertainment of Defense Department and Military Service personnel by Defense Contractors.

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