Trivia Lunch Podcast

Trivia Lunch Podcast

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Trivia Lunch #9: Kyle, Homemade Pizza, 90's Music, Jingles, 2003 Cubs
August 27, 2016

Kyle (@redbeard_85) and I discuss jingles, homema…

Trivia Lunch #8: Jake, Little Debbie, Truck Stops, Ted Williams, Roadtrip
August 24, 2016

Jake and I take a late-night roadtrip and read so…

Trivia Lunch #7: Collin, PlayPlace, Disney knockoffs, Big Breakfast
November 06, 2015

Collin (@collinmalaney) and I enjoy a big breakfa…

Trivia Lunch #6: Kirk, McDonalds, Mulan, Voks & Keys
October 31, 2015

Kirk(@Darls13) is back and we put the kids in fro…

Trivia Lunch #5: David, Taco Bell Drive Thru, Trivia in a parking lot
October 18, 2015

We ate some Taco Bell (@tacobell) in a parking lo…

Trivia Lunch #4: Roger, The Cardinal, Battle of the Sexes, Is the Pope Catholic?
October 08, 2015

We had some burgers at The Cardinal (@cardinalbar…

Trivia Lunch #3: Ben, Holy Land, Gyros, TV edition, Star Wars
October 01, 2015

This week we met Ben (@benjaminreeves) at Holy La…

Trivia Lunch #2: Kirk, Impossible Sports Cards, World Hockey Association
September 29, 2015

We meet with Kirk (@Darls13) at Al A Salsa in the…

Trivia Lunch #1: Kelly, Walt Disney Cards, Paris
September 26, 2015

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