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Ep 42: Mercer Council
December 02, 2019

Website:​Facebook: PCoMCTwitter: PrevCoalMercer Frank and Christina sit with Ruth Del Pino of Mercer Council this week. After being showered with a ton of Mercer Council SWAG, Ruth shares the vision and purpose of&nb

Ep 41: Dramatic Prog
November 27, 2019

Buy the album today at Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, with a side of Queen and a twist of Bowie. THAT'S Dramatic Prog and THAT'S what Frank and Michael Jerome are talking about this week on Trenton Waves! Michael Jerome is a poet and a great

Ep 40: The Hebrew Hammer
November 18, 2019

Frank and Christina go on a remote recording today to visit the Hebrew Hammer himself, Trenton's blacksmith, Daniel Lapidow. A blacksmith? Really? In this technological world that we live in? That's right—and he's got more than enough work! Dan

Ep 39: TCCA Awards with Bernard McMullan
November 11, 2019

Bernard McMullan (Trenton's own "Bernie Mac") returns to the show to talk about the upcoming TCCA awards. There's also a visit toward the end of the show from another returning guest.The TCCA (Trenton Council of Civic Associations) recognizes people in va

Ep 38: Jane Austen was a FemBot
November 04, 2019

This is the episode where Frank and Christina Sasso LOSE IT. Interviewing Base Camp Trenton's office manager, Erin Friar, they touch on topics such as Erin's "Marching Band" past, as well as other issues that go completely off the rails. If you're feeling

Ep 37: An Oversimplification
October 27, 2019

Frank sits with Bill Nobes this week to discuss Analog Trenton. Recorded over six months at multiple locations, Analog Trenton's 40 tracks capture the live experience and raw energy of Trenton NJ's vibrant DIY music scene. Recorded directly to magnet

Ep 36: It's Not a Rorschach Test
October 21, 2019

Things shift into high gear on this week show as the Sasso's are joined by Trenton's newest coffeehouse One Up One Down Coffee and their its owners, Vince and Natalie! Yes, coffee is brewed and  consumed IN the studio during the show. Find out all ab

Ep 35: The UnExplained PB & J
October 14, 2019

The UnExplained PB & J? That's right—we're not explaining what that means but we WILL give you a hint, it has nothing to do with Peanut Butter and Jelly. Frank sits down with James Peeples ("It's not Peoples!")  this week to discuss, a

Ep 34: A Fiber Bombing in Mill Hill Park!
October 08, 2019

Fiber Bombing? You'll never guess what Frank thought that was. This is the First Friday Wrap-Up show highlighting some of the best events this past First Friday as well as clue-ing you in to what's coming down the pike—including a walk through the c

Ep 33: LIVE from Trenton Fashion Week!
October 01, 2019

The final day of Trenton Fashion Week was a a powerful one as the TFW team closed it out with $1,000 for 9 year old Jocelyn Joseph who has Alopecia Areata. Trenton Waves was there to not only talk with Jocelyn but to interview power houses such as:Brad Bu