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Understanding a Thermally Stable Material
June 17, 2021

Associate Professor Neeraj Sharma led a team of UNSW researchers who stumbled upon a “thermally stable material” made up of several elements, which could have wide ranging applications from spacecraft to medicine…

Robert Hewitt Wolfe on Writing Trek and more
June 16, 2021

We’re thrilled to bring you Robert Wolfe who has beamed in for a chat about his career spanning Star Trek, Andromeda, The Dresden Files and more…

That Time When We Recapped Lower Decks
June 15, 2021

We’re continuing our look back on the Talkin’ Trek series, as we eagerly await all the new Star Trek that will befall us very soon. On this edition of That Time When, lets chat Lower Decks… Catch this interview in full now.

Alpha Centauri in a Lifetime and a Wooden Satellite!? : Talkin’ Science
June 15, 2021

Here are the headlines in this the 23rd week of 2021.. It might be possible to reach another star system in a few decades after a major scientific breakthrough at the ANU. Exo moons orbiting free floating planets may well have liquid water and the Euro...

Our First Look at Prodigy as Eaglemoss Unveil A Borg Cube Advent Calendar!
June 15, 2021

Star Trek: Prodigy has unveiled it’s voice cast, first look images and character details in a press release from the official site. Meanwhile, over on the live action shows, we’ve learnt some new info by scouring social media as LGBTQ+ members of the D...

That Time When Alec Peters Was On Trekzone
June 12, 2021

Back before the lawsuit that changed Star Trek fan film making – April 2016 to be exact – Axanar was an ambitious project that was starting to creep beyond the scope of it’s goals. Alec Peters agreed to beam in for a chat,

That Time When We Met Gary Jones
June 11, 2021

He became one of the most famous background actors in the Stargate universe, every year adding a new chevron to his rank… Gary Jones was in Australia for Supanova and we got to chat with him. Catch this interview in full now!

Studying the Galactic Plane : Professor Andrew Hopkins on Ground Breaking Research
June 10, 2021

Professor Andrew Hopkins from Macquarie University beams in to explore the research he and a team of astronomers around the world have just released detailing previously though radio-quiet zones in the Scorpio cluster … the galactic plane.

Soliciting Work : How Emmett Plant Got Caught Up In Axanar
June 08, 2021

He’s a noted Star Trek audio book producer who got an unsolicited communication from Alec Peters one day who begged for his help in working on the audio adaption of the Axanar screenplay. Emmett Plant beams in to explain how that came about,

We’re Heading Back to Venus as the Bezos Brothers Announce They’ll be Riding New Shepard to Space
June 08, 2021

On this Talkin’ Science – We’re off to Venus, NASA announces two missions to our other planetary neighbour… SpaceX and Axiom Space agree to fly 3 more private astronaut missions to the space station and Jeff Bezos and his brother are going on the first...