Travel Fuels Life

Travel Fuels Life

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Lori and Sylvio | How to Plan a Trip to the Galapagos Islands
August 11, 2019

Lori Sweet and Sylvio Roy of join me this week to talk about Galapagos - the experience, planning your time, regulations and fees, biodiversity/history, and whether you plan on your own or use an agency. And hear some exciting news...

Euro Travel Coach | How to Live In Europe For 9 Months Each Year
August 04, 2019

This week we're talking to Greg and Betsy Ball of who sold their home in Texas to live 9 months of the year in Europe. They're going to fill us in on some of the techniques they use to survive and thrive on the road for that length...

Shane and Jocelyn Sams | Flipping Your Lifestyle for More Travel Opportunities
July 28, 2019

After 4 weeks of talking about optimizing our money for travel, it's time we spent a couple of weeks on how to generate income or find ways to creatively source the travel gift that money gives us. So this week, I'll talk with Shane and Jocelyn Sams -...

Colleen Hannush | How to Pack a Bag to Avoid Baggage Fees
July 21, 2019

Brother and sister reunite as we give both male and female packing tips to avoid those pesky and sometimes very expensive baggage fees. We'll tell you what we have in our bags as well as some handy tips to get through TSA and we'll even tell you what...

Scott Keyes | Finding Cheap Flights with the Co-Founder of Scott's Cheap Flights
July 14, 2019

In our four part series on helping you optimize and maximize your dollars so you can increase your travel and travel lifestyle, I talk with Scott's Cheap Flights Co-Founder Scott Keyes. We talk about how he got started finding cheap flights and grew...

Brandon Neth | Miles and Points 102 (Loyalty Programs)
July 07, 2019

In this second episode featuring Brandon Neth of, we talk loyalty programs and how they fit into the miles and points game. From airlines to car rentals, hotels to meals, we'll find out how to maximize those points and stack them to...

Brandon Neth | Miles and Points 101
June 30, 2019

The first half of my discussion on miles and points with Brandon

Angela DiLoreto | The Alaskan Cruise Experience
June 23, 2019

Join me as I talk with Angela DiLoreto of Fitting In Adventure about her recent cruise to Alaska and her other cruising adventures to Greece, Cuba, and Mexico. We'll talk about good experiences, bad experiences, tips on getting the best deal, and more.

Brie and Shawn | Living the Van Life
June 16, 2019

Imagine selling everything you own, fixing up a van and driving with no firm destination. Brie and Shawn are two thirtysomething's that did just that. We'll talk about how they got started, how things are going, and how to plan the seeds of travel in...

Top 10 Things I Learned About Scotland
June 09, 2019

This Spring I returned from my first trip to Scotland, but I almost didn't. I fell in love with a lot of things about the place and it seemed like the perfect subject for a podcast. So here are the Top 10 things I learned about Scotland that I didn't...