Travel Fuels Life

Travel Fuels Life

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Dan Pauley of Friends in the Corner Interviews Drew Hannush
May 31, 2020

Focus on the love of travel, whiskey, and history

Tina and Keith Paul | Checklist for Travel Domestically and Abroad
February 23, 2020

Things to remember before traveling

Pete Collman | Being an Ex-Pat in the Czech Republic
January 26, 2020

What is it like to leave your home country and start a life in a completely new culture? This week, I talk with Pete Collman of the Bohemican Podcast about his decision to move from the United States to live in the Czech Republic. We talk logistics,...

Traveling Jackie | Responsible and Sustainable Travel
January 12, 2020

How can we both travel and protect the environment?

Lisa Marquardt | Antarctica and the Dempster Highway
December 22, 2019

What is like to travel to Antarctica? What is it like to travel to the Arctic Ocean?  My guest Lisa Marquardt of The Hot Flash Packer blog found by traveling to both in 2019. Join me as we discuss how she did it and get tips on how we can travel...

Valerie Stimac | Astrotourism and Dark Skies: Traveling to See the Stars
December 08, 2019

A guide to looking up, not out, for travel inspiration

Hidden Gems: Carson Valley and Bently Heritage Estate Distillery
October 08, 2019

As opposed to the event centered South Lake Tahoe episode, we’ll shift gears a bit this week, because we’re heading to an area rich with old west history. So prepare for some stories, characters, and a much more laid back feel in the high desert...

Hidden Gems: Exploring South Lake Tahoe
September 30, 2019

A View of Tahoe South in the Off-Season

Clayton Hensley | Talking Family Road Trips and East Tennessee
September 08, 2019

It's always great to catch up with travelers I've met on social media and this week, I was driving through East Tennessee and had a chance to catch up with Clayton Hensley aka @KnoxRoadTripper. Having worked in Knoxville for both television and...

Vicky and Buddy the Traveling Monkey | Quiting the 9-5 and Seeing the World
August 25, 2019

Meet Vicky Sosa, a South Florida native that decided to boot the 9-5 lifestyle for an opportunity to see the world. Starting with a blog and a part time job, she asked her boss if she could work remotely and now she is house-sitting and getting to...