Transporter Lock - A Star Trek podcast

Transporter Lock - A Star Trek podcast

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Picard S2E07: Monsters
April 16, 2022

This episode is ostensibly about Picard, but Ken and Mark felt Teresa and Tallinn stole the show. We wonder if Voyager's Lt. Ducane has made an appearance, and why Q and Soong are no-shows. There's a

Picard S2E06: Two of One
April 08, 2022

Our goodness, can Alison Pill sing!

Picard S2E05: Fly Me to the Moon
April 03, 2022

Humor and Easter eggs sneak their way in, but don't know any more about the Supervisors than we did fifty years ago.

Picard S2E04: Watcher
March 28, 2022

Although Ken and Bri agree on loving the new Guinan, we're divided on this episode overall. Why are they ignoring Time's Arrow? And how are Chris, Seven, and Raffi moving the plot forward?

Discovery Season 4 Review
March 26, 2022

Vice Badmiral Charlynn Schmiedt joins Bri and Ken to reflect on the entirety of Discovery's fourth season, how the characters have grown, and where we hope they go next.

Picard S2E03: Assimilation
March 19, 2022

Magician Kayla Drescher joins Ken & Bri to review Picard's arrival on 21st-century Earth, where our highlight is watching Dr. Agnes Jurati spar with the Borg Queen.

Discovery S4E07: …But to Connect
January 02, 2022

We know the measure of a man; this week Ken and Bri learn the measure of a Zora. Was Stamets the right person to lead this charge against artificial intelligence? And is there anything Kovich can’t do

Discovery S4E06: Stormy Weather
December 26, 2021

An insecure artificial intelligence and a crew that doesn’t know how to use space probes or transporters are the source of this episode’s fatalities. But Ken and Bri are excited to see Zora join the c

Discovery S4E05: The Examples
December 18, 2021

Hey, you know what’s a great idea? Performing a destructive scientific experiment right next to the spore drive during an evacuation!

Discovery S4E04: All Is Possible
December 13, 2021

What do Tilly, Wil Wheaton, Ken, and Bri all have in common? We have parents who put us on paths we didn’t want to be on. We commiserate over being seen, and we value seeing Book and Culber demonstrat