Transporter Lock - A Star Trek podcast

Transporter Lock - A Star Trek podcast

Latest Episodes

Strange New Worlds S2E10: Hegemony
August 12, 2023

The Gorn are back, a legacy character is introduced, Spock is illogical, and the cliffhanger is TNG-style.

Strange New Worlds S2E08–09: Under the Cloak of War & Subspace Rhapsody
August 05, 2023

Ken and Bri offer a podcast review of the darkest and lightest episodes of Star Trek SNW's second season: the trauma of war & PTSD, followed by musical comedy.

Strange New Worlds S2E06–07: Lost in Translation & Those Old Scientists
July 26, 2023

Ken & Bri review the return of Hemmer and Kirk; then it's a laugh a minute in the pitch-perfect Lower Decks crossover

Strange New Worlds S2E04-05: Among the Lotus Eaters & Charades
July 15, 2023

Ken and Bri review Strange New Worlds episodes Among the Lotus Eaters (one of the worst eps of Trek ever) and Charades (aren't Vulcans funny?!).

Strange New Worlds S2E02-03: Ad Astra per Aspera & Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
July 01, 2023

Ken and Bri review Strange New Worlds' courtroom drama and a timeline gone amok.

Strange New Worlds S2E01: The Broken Circle
June 16, 2023

David Volante of Volante Design offers his sartorial perspective on the second season debut of Star Trek: Strange New Worldsplus an exclusive discount code!

Picard S3E10: The Last Generation
April 21, 2023

Ken and Bri bid farewell to the cast of Star Trek: TNG and the Enterprise D, though we're eager to see the spinoff it sets up.

Picard S3E08-09: Surrender & Vox
April 15, 2023

In the run-up to the series finale, the cast is finally reunited -- including a surprising addition and a returning villain.

Picard S3E06–07: The Bounty & Dominion
April 02, 2023

Commodore Dana Ross returns to Transporter Lock to discuss Picard as "Space Jesus", the right and wrong ways to do fan service, and the brilliance of Brent Spiner.

Picard S3E04-05: No Win Scenario & Imposters
March 20, 2023

A hopeless situation and the return of a familiar character are poignant and consistent with the heroes we love.