Transporter Lock - A Star Trek podcast

Transporter Lock - A Star Trek podcast

Latest Episodes

Lower Decks S3E10: The Stars at Night & Prodigy S1E11-12
November 05, 2022

Lower Decks concludes its third season while Prodigy embarks on the second half of its first season. Also, trips to Riverside, Iowa, and the Pinball Hall of Fame!

Lower Decks S3E04–06
October 02, 2022

Enfys Book joins Ken to review the Lower Decks episodes Room for "Growth", "Reflections", and "Hear All, Trust Nothing" featuring a return to Deep Space Nine!

Star Trek Day 2022 & Lower Decks S3E1-3
September 11, 2022

The annual Star Trek Day unleashed a bounty of teasers and sneak peeks that Captain Sabriel and Chief Engineer Ken are here to review!

Strange New Worlds S1E06–10
July 09, 2022

The first season of Strange New Worlds is a wrap! Sabriel & Ken return with their reviews of the last five episodes as the crew grows in experience and rapport.

Strange New Worlds S1E01–05
June 03, 2022

Ken and Bri review the first half of Strange New Worlds' premiere season.

Strange New Worlds S1E01: Strange New Worlds
May 08, 2022

Susan Arendt joins Ken to review the debut episode of Strange New Worlds, featuring Pike, Spock, and Number One!

Picard S2E10: Farewell
May 07, 2022

Picard's penultimate season closes, with Jean-Luc, Q, and Tallin learning valuable, but bittersweet, lessons.

Picard S2E09: Hide and Seek
April 30, 2022

Ken and Bri are shocked by the secrets in Picard's childhood, but we're relieved to see Picard, Seven, and the Queen ready to face their fears.

Picard S2E08: Mercy
April 24, 2022

From ships to 'ships to another Soong turning evil, Bri & Char cover it all!

Picard S2E07: Monsters
April 16, 2022

This episode is ostensibly about Picard, but Ken and Mark felt Teresa and Tallinn stole the show. We wonder if Voyager's Lt. Ducane has made an appearance, and why Q and Soong are no-shows. There's a