Transporter Lock - A Star Trek podcast

Transporter Lock - A Star Trek podcast

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Discovery S3E10: Terra Firma, Part 2
December 19, 2020

Georgiou emerges from her native Mirror Universe a changed person, only to face the judgment of Carl, who needs his own Star Trek spinoff. Ken and Bri are joined by Archivist Amanda to discuss character evolution, the nuances of torture,

Discovery S3E09: Terra Firma, Part 1
December 12, 2020

Georgiou returns to her element thanks to Carl the Guardian! Bri and Ken are enamored of both the Mirror Universe and TOS, so this week’s episode gave us a lot to analyze and squee over. Join us for this review of the first half of “Terra Firma”!

Discovery S3E08: The Sanctuary
December 06, 2020

Sabriel and Ken are visited by returning guest Commander Jessica Janiuk, aka Punder Woman, to review Discovery‘s adventure on the planet Kwejian and their faceoff with Emerald Chain leader Osyrra. While the main plot focused on estranged brothers,

Discovery S3E07: Unification III
November 27, 2020

Michael Burnham must defend her thesis to her Romulan & Vulcan advisors! Bri and Ken revel in this week’s scientific nerd-off while quoting Kay Savetz and performing a dramatic reading of Susan Arendt‘s Twitter thread.

Discovery S3E06: Scavengers
November 22, 2020

Discovery gets new tech, new romance, and new insights into the Burn! Ken and Sabriel invite guest Dana Ross to join us in celebrating the return of Grudge, a cat who clearly needs her own Star Trek series.

Discovery S3E05: Die Trying
November 14, 2020

Discovery is finally reunited with the Federation — but, like on Earth, the reception is frosty. Nonetheless, Bri and Ken drool over our first look at Starfleet vessels of the 32nd century, catching all the references and Easter eggs to familiar charac...

Discovery S3E04: Forget Me Not
November 07, 2020

Star Trek returns to the Trill homeworld in this powerful, touching episode about love that defies binary genders, while the rest of the crew cope with PTSD and learn that it’s okay to not be okay — something Ken and Bri really needed to hear during a ...

Discovery S3E03: People of Earth
October 31, 2020

Discovery and Michael, reunited, return to Earth, only to receive a frosty reception. In this special Halloween episode of Transporter Lock, Sabriel and Ken are fans of the show’s character development, we wonder about Michael Burnham’s and Cleveland B...

Discovery S3E02: Far From Home
October 24, 2020

Ken & Bri are joined by First Officer Tiffany Bridge to review the second episode of Discovery‘s third season. From the Old West tropes and Georgiou being a force to be reckoned with to Stamets’ and Reno’s witty repartee and tie-ins to the Short Treks ...

Discovery S3E01: That Hope Is You, Part 1
October 16, 2020

Discovery returns for its third season! Michael Burnham arrives 930 years in the future, where she’s more impressed with the technology than Ken and Bri are. We ponder the fate of the Federation, gripe about Andorians,