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28: Supporting Characters
February 18, 2018

This one is a little cerebral, but then again, so is ACTING. In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, we nominate not our fave actors, but our fave characters in film, from busy bees to rolling with the homies. 

27: 1987 Canadian Sears Holiday Wish Book
December 04, 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year - for another dip into the Sears Holiday Wishbook. This time we take a peek at the Ghost of Christmas Past of 1987, and in Canada no less. The enigma of the Pantspress, the excitement of the Bop Bag, and wait, the

26: Fictional Schools
November 13, 2017

The leaves are turning, and we're missing our backpacks, so we thought it would the perfect time to head back to school. Find out who got expelled and who is saved by the bell by listening now!

25: Monsters
October 23, 2017

There's a nip in the air and Brandon can't stop hording pumpkin beers, which can only mean...time for a Monster Mash! Find out which creature will be a graveyard smash or which must quietly return to the Black Lagoon, on a new episode of Totes Faves.

24: Sidekicks (w/ Lauren Mandel)
August 15, 2017

We battle out our favorite sidekicks, from BFF's to animal accomplices to, well, Earth's natural satellite. With special guest, Lauren Mandel.

23: Kids Fads (w/ Cory Cavin)
July 26, 2017

Battling out our favorite fads from childhood - find out which will soon be worth millions on eBay and which will get banned after some kid gets gored by a slap bracelet. Batteries not included. With special guest, Cory Cavin.

22: Game Shows (w/ Devin Delliquanti)
July 10, 2017

We battle out the cornerstone of American entertainment - Game Shows! Come on down, and find out who is the weakest link and who will take the physical challenge by listening now. With special guest, Devin Delliquanti.

21: Dog Breeds
June 11, 2017

Pup Quiz! What's your favorite flavor of Labrador - Black, Yellow or Chocolate? Jump on the back of a Great Pyrenees and find out now on Totes Faves, with special guest Scott Duda.

20: Cereal
May 17, 2017

Mikey likes it! Or does he? Found out what is grrrrr-eat, and what is simply, "for breakfast." A new episode of Totes Faves - part of a balanced breakfast.

19: Bunnies
April 25, 2017

Time to hop to it and list our Totes Faves Bunnies. From Easter cluckers to space-time suckers, see who wins the Cadbury auditions and who gets thrown into the Briar Patch.