Toronto Real Estate 101 Show

Toronto Real Estate 101 Show

Episode #1 - What is this Podcast all about?

January 01, 2018

Hi there, this is Jennifer Percival, thanks for tuning into the Toronto Real Estate 101 show. So what is this podcast all about? This show is for new or aspiring realtors and it’s for buyers, sellers, landlords & tenants. I’ll be sharing insights, giving tips and sometimes just ranting about my latest real estate pet peeve. This show is not a shameless plug to use my services, although that would be lovely, my genuine goal is to help educate people about all the ins and outs of the real estate industry here in Toronto Canada.

Like me, you’re probably busy and don’t have time to listen to me ramble on for 18 pages, front and back. So these episodes are going to be kept short. At most 30 minutes, but usually just 15 min. The title of every episode will also include the audience it’s intended for, so you can just skip through and find the ones relevant to you.

Lastly, I’m not in my comfort zone here. I liken this to the early days of dating someone, where you’re not really yourself in the beginning. So the next 10 episodes or so, could be rough around the edges. It’s going to take me a little while to find my groove. Hopefully you can grin & bear it and stick with me or you could skip ahead. It’s your choice, but I may cover some good stuff in these early episodes so keep that in mind.

Either way, I hope you learn something along the way and that you find yourself real estate savvy. Until next time.