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Torah of Life

Door L'Door with Chava Gal-Or

August 22, 2018

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Have you been enjoying these interviews? I've loved spending time with great Jewish thinkers and activists. I learn so much from them each week. If you haven't listened to the previous interviews with Rabbi Ari Saks, Rabbi Moshe Givental, Rabbi Lauren Tuchman, and Dr. Dan Unowsky, check them out for some great inspiration.

Today's interview is with my friend Chava Gal-Or, who survived Hurricane Harvey in Houston and founded an organization called Door L'Door, whose mission is to help bring new mezuzzot and Jewish ritual objects to families who've lost their homes to hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency named Door L'Door's founding one of the seven most heartwarming stories of 2017. I'm honored to talk with Chava about Hurricane Harvey and its impact on the Houston Jewish community, and hear her inspiring story of using her experience to help others rebuild.

For more information about Chava's work with Door L'Door, please visit

I encourage everyone to watch the video found on her website about the hurricane, and join me in donating whatever you can to help continue this wonderful project. Chava can be reached at

Chava's blog can be found at

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