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God of Christmas rules and deniers are just fools
December 25, 2021

10 years ago I wrote some Christmas songs. And one of them became one of my favorites. Yeah, I know. How unabashedly arrogant of me. Right? No, it’s OK to favor your own creative work. And it’s OK to

Against the law. Did you see what I saw?
October 03, 2021

What if joy were against the law? Sounds crazy, I know. But play along for just a bit. And let’s pretend that somehow that kind of law was pushed through congress. What would you do? If joy were again

Gotta serve somebody. Oh the nerve of somebody
October 02, 2021

Bob Dylan said it. So, it must be true right? He talked about how you gotta serve somebody. In fact, in one of his songs, he sang “you’re gonna have to serve somebody” quite a few times. So, he must …

Famous last words of foolish jaybirds
October 01, 2021

I read a post, from a friend in social media (thanks Allen) about famous last words from some famous atheists. And the despair in their words struck me in such a way I wanted to share some of them wit

Your understanding doesn’t make a good landing
September 30, 2021

Eight years ago, today, I shared Episode 15 of my Podcast. Wow, 15. I’m now up to 739 episodes. (Side note: I’m way behind on recording episodes because my voice has been, shall we say, less than smoo

Lost love, the chairman, and something in the air, man
September 29, 2021

“They” called him the “Chairman of the Board.” How he got the title depends on who you ask. But there’s no denying that Frank Sinatra liked being in charge. And I was never a fan even though he sang a

Fluff the pillow, feel the wind blow, sleeping willow
July 06, 2021

I spent a lot of my formative years in Texas. So, I still use (and always will use) some of those friendly southern, colloquial expressions in my everyday language. And many of those southern memories

Lariat Loop where the eagles swoop
July 05, 2021

It’s 33 miles in a round trip. And I read where it’s apparently America’s only “urban byway.” And that means it’s a scenic byway (on the National Register) closer to an urban area (Denver) than any ot

Masterplan, yes. The kind we don’t have to guess.
June 26, 2021

Yes, God does have a plan. A MasterPlan. But He most definitely does not have a plan for your day. As I’ve said many times…He’s far too brilliant a designer than to create a bunch of humans who can’t