Rhyme and Reason with Tony Funderburk

Rhyme and Reason with Tony Funderburk

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Nestled in Nature in this nomenclature
October 12, 2022

A social media friend of mine shares some amazing photography. The colors are often so brilliant and high resolution they almost jump off the screen and directly into my brain. Lately (for obvious rea

Brain cell connections that follow directions
October 09, 2022

I read another article about brain cell connections to music. Yeah, Im a nerd when it comes to that kind of information. And I love a quote from that article that said, Neurons that fire together, w

Second class, but not on this pass
October 07, 2022

Lets see. There was one bassist. Three cellists. Three violinists. And one pianist. Yeah, that about covers it. An eight-piece ensemble that started out, in second class, as a three-piece ensemble an

Wait a minute, wait a minute, there’s something new in it.
October 06, 2022

95 years ago, today, October 6, a quirky little guy said, Wait a minute, wait a minute, you aint heard nothing yet. And the crowd went wild. You probably already know Im talking about Al Jolson.

Unborn baby heart rate proves Beethoven’s great
October 05, 2022

Just like yours and mine, the unborn baby heart rate is improved with good breathing. At least thats true if you can believe scientific observations. Sure, it sounds like crazy talk. But scientific o

Evolution of music, and this will make you sick
October 04, 2022

Hey, you know what would be a lotta fun? Lets talk about the evolution of music. Are you with me? But lets dont do it in my boring musician way. Lets start with a discussion about it I found on

Bedtime routine is that time in between
October 03, 2022

Just about everybody has a bedtime routine. It makes sense. Because humans are creatures of habit. Like brushing your teeth and changing into pajamas. Those activities just become something you do wit

Church moves and a singer reproves
October 02, 2022

Im happy to celebrate when a church moves in the direction of rightly dividing the word of truth. But you almost never see that anymore. In fact, most establishments calling themselves churches move

Breath of life is the answer to this quiz
September 30, 2022

Its unimaginably cool. But you and I actually have the breath of life from God in us. Uh-oh. Ive already given you the clue thatll probably make sure you get an A+ on this pop quiz Ive got for you

Begin at the beginning and start winning
September 29, 2022

Youve been a person your whole life. If youve lived a few (or several) decades, hopefully youre getting pretty good at being a person. Yeah, its an ongoing struggle. But somebodys gotta do it. Ri