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Rhyme and Reason

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Messed up vision headed for collision
January 09, 2023

Today, America is a messed up vision. A shadow of its former somewhat shadowy self. Because right and wrong is a concept blurred by propaganda. And good and bad are now in the “eye of the beholder.” S

Self care is the best. Don’t be like all the rest.
January 05, 2023

My wife became a certified health coach several years ago. And one of the key things her instructor mentioned, that hit home with me, was that self care is the best healthcare. Theres a ton of rhyme

Favor and grace is here just in case
December 28, 2022

Favor and grace sound favorable and gracious to me. But maybe Im just being too literal. And maybe those words arent conducive to your ability, or willingness, to sharing information about eternity.

Music duos come and go. Different views can make it so.
December 26, 2022

This week, back in 1979, I lived and worked in Houston, Texas. My brother and I had established ourselves as one of the more popular music duos. And we had fans we could depend on to come see us as

Mend some fences and come to your senses
December 18, 2022

Cowboys and ranch hands aint the only ones who have to mend some fences once in a while. Regular guys who say the wrong thing (yes, it happens) need a good way to do that with their wives or girlfrie

The right direction with no first-class section
December 17, 2022

One hundred and nineteen years ago, today, at approximately 10:35 in the morning, a couple of guys became household names. Well, it didnt actually happen immediately. But once they did what they did,

Start something new. Not tomorrow. That won’t do.
December 16, 2022

Tomorrow is not the time to start something new. Because tomorrow is a concept. Because humans need that concept to help us understand the flowing of time. And even though it helps to include tomorrow

Optimistic voice for the only PRO choice
December 13, 2022

The most serious issue facing our nation and the world isnt fiscal. Its physical. And it isnt gun control or rock-n-roll. Its mind control and your very soul. The most serious issue this world fac

After you fall, is that truly all?
December 12, 2022

You fell for it. And you did what had to be done. They said its YOUR choice. And you certainly made it. So, after you fall for a choice, like this, whats left? Well, a glorious life filled with en

God made trees that sway in the breeze
December 06, 2022

God made trees. Sure, Im stating the obvious. But the obvious isnt so obvious to the oblivious. So, even if you dont believe the Bible, I have poetic proof of Gods hand in the creation of trees. F