The Tommy Edison Experience

The Tommy Edison Experience

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Episode 31 - Christmas Pirates
December 23, 2020

Topics: Introduction • Pirate Ship Christmas Decorations Angers Neighbors In Connecticut • New Sound Bites For The Podcast • What Does Tommy Think About Deep Fake Computer-Generated Voices of Famous People (US Presidents, George W Bush, Mister Rogers) • C

Episode 30 - Sunday Night Live
December 20, 2020

Shortest Day of The Year & The Sundance Channel • New Sound Bites For The Podcast • Jim Carrey Steps Down from Playing Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live • Clips of Jim Carrey's Impression of Joe Biden • Can of Questions • When Ben Walked Into Tommy's Apart

Episode 29 - The Matrix Plow
December 16, 2020

Introduction • We Live Streamed On Twitch For Episode 28 of The Podcast • Snowstorm Hits The Northeast (Philadelphia, Boston, New York, New Haven) • mWalking Through Manhattan During The Snowstorm On Wednesday • Another Snow Plow Accident On The Highway •

Episode 28 - Sampled (First Live Twitch Show)
December 16, 2020

Topics: Famous Pop Songs And The Samples They Used (Part 1) • Patreon Question: Tommy's Favorite Radio Stations? • Can of Questions: Should Someone Identify Themselves When They See An Acquaintance Who is Blind? • Patreon Question: Tommy's Favorite Jokes

Episode 27 - Christmas Incoming
December 13, 2020

Topics: New Platforms Where You Can Follow The Podcast • New Group on Facebook • Holiday Survival Guide For Spending Time With Your Family • SuperChats • What's Your Favorite Texture? • Bob Odenkirk's New Movie • NOBODY Trailer Released • When Tommy Met B

Episode 26 - Come On, Man
December 10, 2020

Topics: Podcast Returns After Solving Technical Issues • First Nor'easter of the Season • Snow Plow Accident Caught On Tape • Snowstorm Causes Car Accident & The Rescue Goes Wrong • Can of Questions • Are There Braille Label Makers? • If You Blow Air On A

Episode 25 - Poor Reception
December 02, 2020

Topics: New Schedule For The Podcast • New Camera On The Show • Christmas and Holiday Parties At Work • Online and Virtual Holiday Parties • You Can Hire A Virtual Party Planner • SuperChat: What Are Tommy's Christmas Season Traditions? • SuperChat: What'

Episode 24 - Post-Thanksgiving
November 29, 2020

Topics: Trying Live Podcast Episodes • Thanksgiving Movies • Planes, Trains, & Automobiles • Scent of a Woman (English & Italian versions) • Profumo di Donna • Patreon Question: What Does Tommy Think of the British Royal Family? • Patreon Welcome & Questi

Episode 23 - Déjà Vu
November 23, 2020

Topics: We Have A New Feature On The Podcast • Join Us For An Upcoming Special Live Stream on Thanksgiving Day (11/26/2020) on The TommyEdisonXP Channel • Possible Schedule Change For The Podcast • There Was An Earthquake Off The Coast of Massachusetts? •

Episode 22 - On The Road
November 16, 2020

Topics: The Podcast Is On the Road • Would You Host Your Home on Airbnb? • Airbnb Host Allegedly Scammed Out of $6000 By An Influencer • Patron Welcome & Questions • Can You Distinguish Different Bit-Rates in Digital Music Files? • What is Your Favorite M