The Tommy Edison Experience

The Tommy Edison Experience

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Episode 56 - The Family
July 12, 2021

Show Open • Introduction • Tommy's Night Out • Upcoming Painting Video • June Bug's New Video Mix • Achilles Resilience Relay • BolaWrap Device Used By Police • SuperChat - How Long Did It Take Tommy

Episode 55 - Loudest Animal In The World
June 14, 2021

Show Open • Introduction • If You Download The Show • YouTube Changed How They Send Notifications • Podcast Schedule • How Signing Up For Patreon Helps The Channels • Should Tommy Try Painting For The Next Video? • Making New TommyEdisonXP Videos • Can A

Episode 54 - Visual Comedy
May 17, 2021

Topics: Introduction • Next Episode is the Patron-only Live Stream on May 30 • Backwards Music Game Sample • What Happened When Tommy Got A Haircut? • Tommy's Uber Driver Was Deaf • New Apple + Series - 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything • Binge

Episode 53 - The Noise of Art
May 03, 2021

Topics: Introduction • Should Tommy Cut His Hair Short or Keep It Long? • May The 4th a.k.a. Star Wars Day Is Coming Up • Is The Star Wars Radio Drama Easier To Follow Than The Film For A Blind Person? • Sound Sculptures At Museums Offer A Different Exper

10th Anniversary Special - Blind Film Critic
April 15, 2021

Topics: Introduction • 10th Anniversary of Posting Videos on YouTube • How The Blind Film Critic YouTube Channel Started • Test Footage Before The First Blind Film Critic Review • More Out-takes! • Tommy Reviews "Dazed & Confused" (1993) • Has Tommy Ever

Episode 52 - Blind Film Critic
April 11, 2021

Topics: Introduction • 10th Anniversary of the Blind Film Critic Movie Reviews • Sign Up To Patreon This Month To Get A Free Blind Film Critic Sticker • Another Upcoming Patreon-only Live Stream This Month • Watching Tommy's First Blind Film Critic Review

Episode 51 - Blind Jokes
April 04, 2021

Topics: Introduction • June's Remix: Tommy Edison: C'mon Man • Tommy Bought Sound Gear Online Without Listening To It, How Did It Go?• President Joe Biden's Easter Message • Baseball Season Started • How Tommy Became of Fan of Baseball • Full Video of Tom

Episode 50 - Gold
March 22, 2021

Topics: Welcome To The 50th Episode • Sign Up For Our Special Patreon-Only Live Show Next Week • What's "50" In Pop Culture? • SuperChat • President Joe Biden's Fall With Sound Effects Added • Tommy's Story About Falling Down Stairs • SuperChats • If Tomm

Episode 49 - Live On Tape
March 14, 2021

Topics: Introduction • Patreon-only Live Stream Coming Up • How Daylight Saving Time in Arizona Is Different From The Rest of the United States • A Tribute To The Inventor of the Compact Cassette, Lou Ottens • Lou Ottens Featured In The Trailer For "Casse

Episode 48 - Am I Pregnant?
March 07, 2021

Introduction • New Setup In The Studio • Tommy's Bowling Pin, Baseball Bat, and Metal "T" • How Does A Blind Person Pack & Move? • SuperChats • Do Specific Smells Trigger Memories For Tommy? • When Tommy Got In Trouble For Smoking In High School • Can of