The Tommy Edison Experience

The Tommy Edison Experience

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Ep 4 - Sounding Fat, Tommy Tricks Katie Couric, Shaving Blind, Claustrophobia, Board Games, and More
February 27, 2020

Tommy Edison talks about how blind people shave, celebrities he's met, if people sound fat, if he experiences claustrophobia and anxiety/panic attacks, what a blind person sees, how blind people play board games, describes what he thinks a human eye looks

Ep 3 - The Wiping Question, Dating Another Blind Person, Animation, Cuteness & More
January 29, 2020

Tommy Edison talks about the first time he was asked “How do blind people know when to stop wiping in the bathroom?”, dating another blind person, animation and cartoons, what’s cute to blind people, how a blind person chooses a hairstyle/haircut, misconc

Ep 2 - Sports Tommy Played, Understanding Sped Up Audio, Scent of a Woman & More
January 16, 2020

Tommy Edison talks about sports he’s played, interpreting sped up audio, Scent of a Woman starring Al Pacino, body language, color blindness, celebrity voices, and more.

Ep 1 - Why Do A Podcast, Parenting, Sleep Disorder & More
December 30, 2019

Tommy Edison, who's been blind since birth, answers the most popular questions about being blind.

Return To YouTube?
December 18, 2019

Is Tommy returning to YouTube?

The Test Show - Dec. 1, 2019
December 18, 2019

This is the test show we live streamed on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019. It’s been edited to highlight the most popular questions. It was called Living It Up! with Tommy Edison.

Greetings From Edison
July 16, 2019

Greetings from Tommy Edison!

Trailer - The Tommy Edison Experience - Funny Side of Being Blind
December 31, 2017

Trailer - The Tommy Edison Experience - Funny Side of Being Blind

You Were Never Supposed To See This
December 14, 2017

Here’s a look back at what we didn’t show you in 2017.

Guessing Objects I Got In The Mail #4
November 23, 2017

Tommy opens mail sent in by subscribers and tries to guess what it is.