The Tommy Edison Experience

The Tommy Edison Experience

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Episode 24 - Post-Thanksgiving
November 29, 2020

Topics: Trying Live Podcast Episodes • Thanksgiving Movies • Planes, Trains, & Automobiles • Scent of a Woman (English & Italian versions) • Profumo di Donna • Patreon Question: What Does Tommy Think of the British Royal Family? • Patreon Welcome & Questi

Episode 23 - Déjà Vu
November 23, 2020

Topics: We Have A New Feature On The Podcast • Join Us For An Upcoming Special Live Stream on Thanksgiving Day (11/26/2020) on The TommyEdisonXP Channel • Possible Schedule Change For The Podcast • There Was An Earthquake Off The Coast of Massachusetts? •

Episode 22 - On The Road
November 16, 2020

Topics: The Podcast Is On the Road • Would You Host Your Home on Airbnb? • Airbnb Host Allegedly Scammed Out of $6000 By An Influencer • Patron Welcome & Questions • Can You Distinguish Different Bit-Rates in Digital Music Files? • What is Your Favorite M

Episode 21 - Tinted Windows
November 02, 2020

Topics: Autonomous/Driverless Cars Allowed To Operate In San Francisco Without Backup Drivers • Would You Be A Passenger In A Driverless Car? • Tommy Sings Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” • Guess The Musical Instrument By Its Sound • What Do You Imagine Dr

Episode 20 - Retro Vision
October 26, 2020

Topics: Guess What’s In The Mail • Can of Questions • What Makes Someone Beautiful To A Blind Person? • What Makes Something Beautiful To A Blind Person? • Has Your Vision Changed Since You Started on YouTube? • Can Tommy Control The Movement of His Eyes?

Episode 19 - Blind
October 19, 2020

Topics: Welcoming The Latest Patrons • Patreon Question: When It Comes Choosing Clothes Or Sunglasses, Do You Prefer What Is Most Comfortable Or What Looks Good To Other People? • Tommy’s Dress Code In High School • Movies Tommy Was Too Cool To Watch • St

Episode 18 - Music & Words
October 12, 2020

Topics: Tommy Looks At The World Through Social Media • Welcoming The Latest Patrons • Patreon Question: If Tommy Was Born Sighted, Does He Think He Would Have Ended Up In Radio? • What Are Some Jobs That Tommy Thinks He Would Enjoy Doing If He Were Sight

Episode 17 - Center Stage
October 05, 2020

Topics: Tommy Talks About When He Used To Be In A Band • Experiencing Stage Fright • The Podcast is Now Available On Amazon Music Podcasts • Guess What’s In The Mail • Introducing Our Patreon Page - Sign Up To Get Bonus Content • Streaming Services That T

Episode 16 - Cool & Soothing
September 28, 2020

Tommy Got The Prince “Sign o’ the Times” Super Deluxe Box Set • Buying Streaming Music vs Music As Physical Media • The Importance of Physical Media • Record Store Day Was Canceled This Year • Howard Stern’s ”Private Parts” Soundtrack Released Last Year •

Episode 15 - Impressions
September 21, 2020

Topics: 4.5-Magnitude Earthquake This Past Weekend • San Francisco Earthquake of 1989 During The World Series • Autumn/Fall Begins • How does a blind person describe Autumn? • TikTok’s Deadline Extended For Another • Tommy’s One and Only TikTok Video • Ca