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59. How to get in great shape at 40 years old
June 29, 2022

How can you get in great shape at 40 without resorting to extreme measures? My specialism as a body transformation coach is with males 30-50 years old who love working out in the gym but arent in lov

58 Free Tools To Help You Build a Better Body
June 23, 2022

In this video/podcast Ill be giving you some free coaching tools from my website to get you in great shape quickly. Although my business is as a professional body transformation coach, I always like

57 Coaching methods with Dan Osman
June 06, 2022

Interviews with other coaches to discuss their methods and views on the industry Coach Dan Osman joins me to discuss dodgy fitness coaches, dodgy business gurus and dodgy social media behaviour. Dan i

56 Information VS Implementation
May 30, 2022

Why you are not doing the stuff you’d said you’d do and seeing no results from your diet or training If you’ve been trying to get in shape for a while and finding it more difficult that you first imag

55 Can you cook your chicken by slapping it?
May 10, 2022

Just because science says something is possible doesn’t mean it’s what you should do Honey, are you ok? You’ve hardly touched your slappy chicken I originally read this article about 3 years ago and i

54 Strength Vs Hypertrophy – Getting Big and Strong at the Same Time
May 02, 2022

Can you get Bigger and Stronger at the Same Time? It’s the perfect result to get bigger and stronger at the same time but how can you achieve this? In this podcast I’ll be discussing the principles be

53 Best Training Protocol For Building Muscle
April 25, 2022

Is there a ‘Best Way’ to train to build muscle? What is the best training split and workout plan for when you want to build muscle fast? Building muscle can be very difficult and there are so many var

52 The Anabolic Muffins and Other Pro Muscle Secrets
April 24, 2022

How does eating muffins pre workout make you lift more? Why are muffins anabolic? and why is it always blueberry muffins? Are blueberries more anabolic because they are ‘superfoods’? These and other a

51. Why is Your Diet Not Working? You’re Not Doing These Things
April 04, 2022

It’s a common question that people ask – “why is my diet not working?” You’re following the diet plan Working out a few times a week Maybe even taking some supplements that your diet guru has sold you

50. Getting In The Zone For More Muscle
March 31, 2022

Are you in the right ZONE in the gym? If you want to build muscle as a priority and not really wanting to get injured in the process then you need to know how much weight to lift without getting injur