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67. It’s OK to be selfish

October 17, 2022

Is it selfish put your gym training first as a priority in your life?


No absolutely not and here’s why.


Many of the people I work with are selfless people.

They have a family and they prioritise their kids (and partner) over all else.

If they own their own business then that’s their next priority.


Both these are major elements in their lives and quite often they will neglect their gym training because a family or work issue comes up.


This may be due to poor time planning which is another issue, but it is common to see this.

I’ve seen it myself in my own life where my son and businesses can sometimes impede on my workouts.


Many just accept that ‘that’s how it is’ but that’s rubbish.


I own a gym and so I have no excuse at all and still I’ve said I haven’t had time to train in the past.

Many of the dads and business people I work with will allocate gym time to their ‘free time’ which means that it doesn’t go in their diary, they don’t plan it.

Therefore it’s easy for them to allow a meeting to run over or to forget to go due to family commitments.

However going to the gym and working out delivers so many benefits to you from a health perspective

  • You feel strong
  • You feel energised
  • You de stress
  • You have time to yourself
  • You actively work towards a healthier heart
  • You are reducing your risk of obesity and high cholesterol


This has many knock on effects into your business and personal life.


By not going to the gym you put all these positives off and you feel worse.

  • How can you help people in your business if you aren’t in good health yourself?
  • Are you giving them the best of you?
  • The best service and products?
  • If you aren’t in good health can you offer your family the best of you?
  • Are you being the best dad you can be if you’re moving more towards obesity and high cholesterol than peak fitness?


Work that through to the long term, if you are chronically ill from things you could have prevented by exercising regularly is that helping your family?


Could a few hours a week spent at the gym really be that damaging to your family short term?

Plus you LIKE going to the gym and exercising.

Denying yourself the things that you like only serves to make you more angry and frustrated in the future which might manifest itself into bad tempers at home or at work.

It’s ok to be selfish when that selfishness is providing a better life for others in the long term.

It’s absolutely ok when it’s prolonging your life and enjoyment of it.

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