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64. Should You Cut Calories or Increase Activity First to Get in Shape

September 05, 2022

Don't make this common mistake for fat loss

When should you cut calories to lose fat?

Do you even need to cut calories if you do more activity?

If you’ve been around anyone in fitness or who’s dieting for any length of time you’ll know that when people cut calories they tend to suffer a bit.

This, we are told is all part of the course.

You’ve got to suffer a bit to get the body you want and dropping calories is a necessary evil to lose body fat.Or do you?

While it’s true you’ll probably need to cut some calories at some point, it maybe shouldn’t be your first action.

Most people don’t move as much as they should and most people don’t train as hard as they think they do.

If this was addressed before dropping food then you’re being more productive with the food you’re already eating rather than dropping food THEN trying to do more.

In this video I’ll cover my methods that I use with clients to get them in great shape and sometimes it’ so effective that we actually need to increase food to drop more body fat.

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