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63 The Best Fat Loss Program For Men or Women Who Lift Weights

August 29, 2022

Fat Loss Programs are Dead


If you’re a man or woman and you love lifting weights then a fat loss program won’t be best for you.Here’s why: Men and women who lift weights want to be more muscular, whether your definition of ‘muscular’ is ‘toned’ or jacked to fcuk then the method is the same.
  • You need to lift weights with sufficient volume and with resistance to invoke a near or actual failure signal so that the body builds muscle as a response.
  • This requires enough calories to give you the energy to do the work Fat loss programs by definition restrict your energy.

Of course you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose body fat, that’s simple thermogenics and you’ll not be losing fat in a surplus.

Fat loss programs always focus on this deficit as the primary goal.

Regardless of how they achieve it they want you to lose weight.

Weight is their marker of success.

  • Lost weight? -Winning.
  • Gained weight?  – Failing
However I’ve worked with many clients that have visibly lost fat but gained weight.
  • Did they fail? Did they hell.
  • They transformed their physiques and looked 100% better.
  • If we had focussed on fat loss then the emphasis would have been on restricting calories.
  • In many cases we added more carbs as the volume training required more energy to fuel the workouts.

In fact, if we had restricted further then they wouldn’t have been able to output as much in the gym and they would never have got the results they wanted.

People say that you can’t build muscle and burn fat in a deficit.

They are dead wrong.

The only people this would apply to would be those in already really lean condition eg a competing bodybuilder or someone who is in a huge deficit so there is not energy to build muscle.

What I’ve proven repeatedly is that if you manage the deficit between 300-500 kcal deficit and keep matching that with more carbs and protein as the output increases you can raise food while still losing body fat.

This is why i don’t do ‘fat loss programs’ any more.

I focus on building a better body for my clients.

Fat loss comes as part of that process but it’s a nice addition to building more muscle.

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