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60. Should you do cardio before or after weights to build muscle?

July 08, 2022

Can doing cardio first kill your muscle gains?

I’m often asked “should you do cardio before or after weights?”


Well if your target is to gain more muscle then it’s definitely AFTER.


Why is this?

The body reacts to signals that you send it.

If the first signal in a workout is to do some cardio type exercises for say over 5 minutes and isn’t a warm up then you’re telling your body that you want to be the best you can at cardio work.


What will then happen is you will adapt to be able to do these exercises better which is a very different adaption to doing weights as a first action.


In this video I’ll go over how to incorporate both cardio and weights into a session for good results and to improve body composition.

I’ll also discuss the role of signalling and why you should know about it.

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