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What Happens When You Take a Day Off Your Diet Plan
October 12, 2021

You may think that overeating for one day has ruined your diet plan. Does a day off your diet actually ruin your progress? Because you have overeaten and gained weight you then justify a binge because

Why You Have No Motivation For The Gym
September 21, 2021

How to restart your gym motivation by addressing 6 common problems As a coach of over 10 years, a competitive bodybuilder for 9 years and a trainer of over 24 years I’ve experienced dips from time to

Good Habits for Great Home Workouts
September 07, 2021

How Good are Your Home Workouts? If you are training from home and find it hard to get started or even fit your workout into your day then this video will teach you how to develop good habits in order

Are you doing enough to lose weight and build muscle
August 23, 2021

How do you know if what you are doing is enough to lose weight and transform your body? I often get asked by clients if the training program they’ve been given is enough as it often looks like a small

3 of the Best Chest Supersets for Mass Building
August 16, 2021

Supersets are a great way to force new growth in your chest Bodybuilding is not a strength sport first.  It’s a muscle building sport. Supersets help to create new muscle growth by working on the volu

How to speed up your weight loss
August 09, 2021

If you’re getting good results with your diet you may be looking at how to speed up your weight loss process to get to your target sooner. This is a really risky business and I see many people trying

Are your calories too low to lose fat and have you entered starvation mode?
August 02, 2021

If your calories are too low and your fat loss has stalled, have you entered starvation mode and does this mean you’re unable to lose weight? I’ve been asked this hundreds of times in my 10+ years as

Setting the right body goals for your age
July 26, 2021

It’s a dangerous thing to live in the past and I often get clients wanting to look like they did 10 years ago How do you set the right body goals for your age and how do you stop yourself living in th

Weights or Cardio to Get into Shape?
July 13, 2021

When working with new clients I often get asked “is cardio or weights training best for weight loss and what should my priority be to do? My reply is always that I combine the two where possible. The

How much does a diet plan cost?
July 05, 2021

How much should you pay for a diet plan? I’m often asked how much does a diet plan cost? The answer often surprises people, in that I counter with “how much of the work do you want to do yourself? As