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Swing with TomandBunny

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Shower Fresh
October 02, 2019

Are you Shower Fresh? Today we talk to Mike and Denise, friends of ours and host couple for Tom’s Trips about what proper hygiene is all about, from washing those intimate areas to shaving and taking precautions to be ready for play and not offend your...

Protecting yourself on Facebook
September 17, 2019

Do you get a lot of friend request on Facebook from people you have never met before? Have a bunch of mutual friends but none of your friends have actually met these people? Be cautious, there are many social media trolls looking for your information,

Are Swingers Pushy
September 06, 2019

Are Swingers too pushy at clubs?  Today we discuss a topic we came across on facebook where a profile said that they were not swingers or in the lifestyle but they go to a swingers club or lifestyle club because they just want to socialize and dance an...

Swing clubs – the evolution
September 03, 2019

In this podcast we talk about how much nicer the clubs have evolved over the past 20 years from how hard they were to find vs today, the food, bar, dance area, DJs and swinging vs social swingers. We have been to Swing clubs or Lifestyle clubs all over...

Body Confidence
August 24, 2019

Body Confidence and the Swinging Lifestyle with Tom and Bunny Everyone is discussing Body Shaming, today we discuss Body Confidence! our video was Please watch our video and share with your friends and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Convincing your spouse to swing
August 20, 2019

Convincing your spouse to swing We recently we posed with this question from our Facebook group from a member wanting to know how to convince his spouse to enter into the swingers lifestyle.   On this podcast we discuss our opinions regarding this.

REVENGE SEX! Don’t leave your girlfriend or wife at a swingers club
August 12, 2019

REVENGE SEX at a Swingers Club!!!  DON’T LEAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND or WIFE! We have seen this throughout our swinging lifestyle, the guy leaves his girl at a swingers club!  WTF, what is he thinking???  We know she is thinking REVENGE SEX!!!

Upside down pineapple – Myth or Legend
July 11, 2019

We have been asked many times about where the Upside Down Pineapple to indicate people were swingers started or came from and after some exhausting research we talk about our opinion and we are looking for your feedback on this subject.

Are you guaranteed sex at a swingers club
July 05, 2019

Recently a negative comment was made on one of our club videos about how they did not see sex during the party and how could the club call it’s self a Swing club if there was no sex?  So we wanted to bring you our take about seeing sex at a Swingers cl...

Our funny stories about Swinging
July 03, 2019

Today we talk about funny stories we were either involved in or witnessed while in the swinging lifestyle. To keep our podcast to 30 minutes we will do another podcast later with more funny storied you can listen to.