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Swing with TomandBunny

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Truth in Advertising – Condom Use
February 18, 2020

Are couples who claim to Require condoms when playing telling the truth? We have been working in the lifestyle for well over 20 years now and while couples should protect themselves when swinging and engaging in intercourse with people of the opposite ...

Swinging and round two
February 12, 2020

Swinging with a couple and excited for round two, is there more to it or just hype? We talk about avoiding meeting other couples or singles in hopes that the one couple that you played with will play in round two.

Earthquake at Hedonism II in Jamaica
January 29, 2020

We survived the 7.7 earthquake at Hedonism resort in Jamaica January 28th 2020. We are at Hedo II in Jamaica right now for the Tom’s Trips FunderLust party yesterday we got to experience a huge 7.7 earthquake with fears of a possible Tsunami that could...

Charging for Parties in the Swingers Lifestyle
January 19, 2020

We were asked our opinion on people charging for parties. With all the Swingers Lifestyle Parties hosting events at Resorts, Hotels, Clubs, Bars and Restaurants and even opening their houses to host parties specifically to the Sex Positive Consensual N...

Swinging with a couple on your honeymoon
January 12, 2020

Would you swing with another couple on your honeymoon? In this podcast we talk about an article in a magazine we were looking at where a couple says that by swinging on their honeymoon made their relationship stronger and better!

We interview the Swinging Flamingos Podcast
January 05, 2020

In this podcast we talk to Mr and Mrs Flamingo of the Swinging Flamingos Podcast. Listen in as we talk about the newest Swingers Lifestyle Podcast that is coming out and we have a fun conversation with this exciting new couple about different topics in...

Running into family at a Swingers Lifestyle Event
December 30, 2019

Ever worry about running into family or co-workers at a swinger club or event? In this episode we talk about actual events where people who were attending swingers lifestyle events and have run into Family members, Co-Workers, Neighbors,

Websites for Swingers – Meeting people from websites
December 22, 2019

We discuss Websites for Swingers and Meeting people from those websites! We are actively in the Sex Positive consensual non monogamy swingers lifestyle and we use sites like Kasidie, SLS, SDC to meet people and in this podcast we discuss how we meet pe...

Eden Clubs is Bi Couple friendly
December 15, 2019

We talk to the owners of Club Eden about being LGBT and Bi Couple Friendly! We recently did a podcast about Bi Sexual Couples and Singles in the swinging lifestyle and we were quickly asked if we could verify that the promotions made by Club Eden as be...

Bi Sexual Couples – Males and Females in the Swinging Lifestyle
December 09, 2019

Today we discuss Bi Sexual Labels in the swinging lifestyle! Do you feel that you need to classify your sexual preference to just everyone because you are in the swinging lifestyle?  We discuss our views on this in this podcast about Bi Sexual Couples,...