Tom and Kris Camping Podcast, RVing and Tent Camping

Tom and Kris Camping Podcast, RVing and Tent Camping

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RV Batteries, Electronic Sway Control, and Harvest Hosts
December 27, 2018

RV Batteries and Battery Tender Our camper is in storage when not in use, so we take the battery with us when we leave it. Now that it’s December, the camper will probably stay in storage for a good 60 days or so.

A Rookie’s Guide To Festival Camping
December 03, 2018

Our daughter Kelly wrote this post about her first music festival camping experience. We had so much fun reading her story that we decided to make a podcast episode out of it. Join us as Kelly gives us her Rookie’s Guide To Festival Camping.

5 Reasons You Need a Tent With Your RV
November 08, 2018

I know what you’re thinking. Hey Ballards, we bought an RV so we don’t have to use a tent anymore. I get that, but I can easily come up with 5 reasons you need a tent in your RV. You probably aren’t going to need it every time you camp,

Can I Keep The RV Refrigerator On While Driving?
October 23, 2018

This was one of the first questions I had when Kris and I took our new camper out for the first time. Can I keep the RV refrigerator on while driving to our destination? It seems to make sense. If you buy an RV with a 2 or 3-way refrigerator,

New Trends In Camping And RVing
October 07, 2018

Trend Number One, Don Is Back We really couldn’t discuss new trends in camping and RVing without Don. He’s been able to get quite a few camping trips in this summer. Kris and I just picked up our new camper in early August. As of this episode,

Camping Checklist – 13 Essential Items
September 21, 2018

Do a quick Google search for camping check lists and you’ll be inundated with options. The lists are endless. Everything from clothes for each season to tools for every possible mechanical malaise will be on those lists. But not this one.

Camper Or Travel Trailer? Either Way, We Own It
September 05, 2018

Every part of the country has it’s own verbiage for RV’s. Popups vs tent trailers, or toter-home vs motorhome. In our case, you can call it a camper or a travel trailer. Either way, we own it. We only considered used campers when this journey started.

When Camping Doesn’t Look Like The Pictures
August 20, 2018

You’re all set up in your campground, tucked in for the night in your RV or tent. The kids have fallen asleep so you decide to do a little cruising on Pinterest or Instagram. And oh, those images. Why doesn’t our camping look like their camping?

Tiny Trailers, Big 5th Wheels and Diesel Pickups
August 05, 2018

Big 5th wheels and diesel pickups is a topic that came from a listener’s question. At the heart of the question is “do we need a diesel pickup to tow a 5th wheel trailer?” The short answer is definitely no,

Finding Money For Camping and RVing, Repairing Camping Gear
July 20, 2018

You love to camp, and you love to travel. But finding money for camping and RVing can be as tricky as finding time. We’ll deal with finding time another day. Let’s talk about finding money. Before we start talking about finding more money for camping a...