To Know We Are Not Alone

To Know We Are Not Alone

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March 12, 2020

Tim talks with Christian Janson, founder of Most High Media and host of The Most High Show (podcast), about addiction, mental illness and finding a supportive community for the overwhelming journey.

Suicide Prevention
February 21, 2020

Tim talks with Haley Lynch. Haley has turned her fiance's suicide nearly a decade ago into a chance to promote awareness and prevention. Listen as she shares tips for coping with the aftermath of suicide, raising a child alone,

What the Heck is Self-Love Anyway?
February 04, 2020

Join Tim and Jonathon Aslay, author of What the Heck is Self-Love Anyway? for a far reaching discussion. We discuss everything from grief to dating. And of course, self-love.

Tim Talks with Teens about Mental Illness
January 22, 2020

This episode is taken from a recent talk Tim gave to a youth group of 6th-12th graders. It could be helpful both to other teenagers and to parents of teens who want to know how to talk to their kids.

Holistic Medicine and Mental Health
December 18, 2019

Join Tim and trained Naturopathic doctor, Veaney McIrvin, for a discussion about where holistic medicine/naturopathic medicine might fit in to your journey toward mental health. Don't worry, there's no preaching here...

From the Top Part 2: What Doctor Should I See?
December 11, 2019

Tim discusses various options for getting started with medical treatment once you’ve decided to go that route. Should you see a psychiatrist, a therapist, an internist, or all of the above? Or none of the above? It can all be so overwhelming,

A Pastor’s Take on Mental Illness
December 05, 2019

In this episode, I’m talking to my longest time friend, Brad Mauldin. He’s a pastor at… We met when we were 12 at… We went through high school together and worked together after college and we have never been out of touch for any length of time in 30+ ...

A Pastor's Take on Mental Illness
December 04, 2019

Interview with Brad Mauldin of Trinity Anglican Mission Church in Atlanta

How Do I Know If I Have a Mental Illness?
November 29, 2019

Mindful Minute: From the Top Series: Episode 1

From the Top Part 1: How do I Know if I Have a Mental Illness?
November 29, 2019

  In this new series of Mindful Minutes called "From the Top", Tim walks through the basics of navigating the early roads of understanding your brain and it's unique chemistry. Everything from understanding how to know if you should see a doctor,