To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

S2E2: Getting Toxic Folic Acid, Out.

September 12, 2021

In typical Amy fashion, this week I'm doing my best to scare all of you dear listeners away by giving you the hardest possible task up front: getting the folic acid out of your diet. We'll talk about:

Why I'm asking you to do this when it will surely cause you to dislike me intensely
Why folic acid is in food anyway
Why this well-intentioned enrichment doesn't work for some people (and who those people are)
What to eat if you aren't eating fortified foods

Thanks for hanging in there with me! If you want to see the complete show notes, they're here.  If you'd like to join me in methylfolate masterclass, do so quickly here. If you'd love to join the tribe in Genetic Rockstars or the MTHFR Academy and talk to other people who are taking folic acid out of their diets you can do that here.


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