To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

Trailer and bonus P.S.A. from a 4-year-old.

June 02, 2020

To Health With That! is a great way to learn a lot about a big health topic in small, bite-sized pieces. Season One will cover the ins and outs of the MTHFR mutation; which, aside from being the trendiest new problem to have, is also a real medical issue with hard science and very particular challenges.  Also, it is near and dear to my heart (I'm Dr. Amy -- your host), because I have a compound heterozygous mutation (or polymorphism, if you want to get all P.C. on me). So, from one mutant to another, let's dive in.  Subscribe so you don't miss it!
Season One: MTHFR Mutation
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