To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

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S2E40: MAO-A Slow And The Short Fuse
June 19, 2022

MAO-A is another gene SNP that is different from the others we've talked about because it is actually linked to a sex chromosome. The various SNPs add up to produce a "fast" or "slow" picture. We'll discuss: Why we can't tell women's MAO-A picture from

S2E39: Vitamin D, VDR, and MTHFR.
June 12, 2022

Vitamin D doesn't link into the methylation cycle, the folate cycle, or even the BH4 pathway so it seems highly unrelated to MTHFR, but is that true? This week we'll explore: Why vitamin D seems to do literally everything in the research The gene SNPs tha

S2E38: Is Low Histamine Actually a Problem?
June 05, 2022

Low histamine isn't something that doctors are talking about yet. It hasn't even really made it to the internet, which is usually first to know everything. But I think there might be more to low histamine states than meets the eye, so let's talk about it.

S2E37: High Histamine, MTHFR, and other Gene SNPs.
May 29, 2022

Histamine and MTHFR are joined together in so many ways. Let's talk about: The surprising things other than allergies that histamine influences. Risks and symptoms of high histamine Seven things you can do to lower your histamine naturally. For the

Arsenic, Mercury, and Fibromyalgia. Questions from Listeners.
May 15, 2022

I love listener questions because it's always something good! This week, we talk about: Detoxifying Arsenic Mercury toxicity with adrenal fatigue and MTHFR Amy's quick and dirty about fibromyalgia. If you're looking for this week's show notes, they'

S2E35: Nitric Oxide, MTHFR, and the NOS3 gene SNP.
May 08, 2022

MTHFR is closely tied to heart disease, and nitric oxide (not to be confused with nitrous oxide, or laughing gas) is a big part of the reason why. In this episode we'll talk about: How nitric oxide is linked to heart attacks, strokes, alzheimers, sinus

S2E34: B12, MTR, and MTRR
May 01, 2022

Of course B12 is important to methylation and MTHFR, but why is that precisely? Well, spoiler alert - it has something to do with two different genes that are also involved in the methionine pathway - MTR and MTRR. So this week, let's talk about: Which

S2E33: GST and GPX - Two Gene SNPs That Mess With Glutathione
April 24, 2022

We've talked about glutathione before, but now let's talk about two gene SNPs that really mess with your glutathione functioning. We'll discuss: Signs and symptoms of a GST polymorphism Signs and symptoms of a GPX polymoprhism Which SNP is linked to

S2E32: Glutathione Basics
April 17, 2022

We've talked about glutathione before, but let's review before we dive into gene SNPs that affect glutathione. We'll cover: The most common fatal overdose globally (that glutathione can help prevent) The heavy metal that needs glutathione to be taken o

S2E31: COMT Fast
April 10, 2022

With a COMT Fast picture we see an overly-efficient enzyme that gets rid of crucial substances before they have the chance to act. We'll talk about: The signs and symptoms of a laid-back fast COMT person. Why COMT fast folks absolutely shine in stressf