The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer (Audiobook)

The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer (Audiobook)

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Introduction to The Life You Can Save Audiobook
October 20, 2020

Charlie Bresler, Ph.D., the Executive Director of The Life You Can Save organization, invites you to listen carefully to Peter Singer’s, celebrity-read audiobook by the same name.  Dr. Bresler suggests that if you “open your mind” to Singer’s words t

Introduction by Hachette Audio
October 08, 2020

Hachette Audio, partner of The Life You Can Save, the organization, introduces the 10th-anniversary edition of The Life You Can Save by Professor Peter Singer, one of the world’s most influential living philosophers. --- Support this podcast: https://a

Foreword by Michael Schur: I'd never looked at it that way before
October 07, 2020

Michael Schur, the acclaimed executive producer and creator of the NBC series “The Good Place,” describes how the first edition of The Life You Can Save, sparked a change in his world view, leaving him with the realization that we each play a critical rol

Preface by Peter Singer
October 06, 2020

Professor Peter Singer, author of The Life You Can Save, introduces the 10th-anniversary edition. Reflecting on what has and hasn’t changed, he describes his intention to distil what he has learned over his forty-year career, about why we give or don’t gi

Chapter 01: Saving a Child. Read by Kristen Bell.
October 05, 2020

In this chapter–narrated by Kristin Bell, award-winning actress and star of the NBC series “The Good Place”–Professor Peter Singer asks; “If you saw a child drowning in a pond, would you jump in and save them?” He argues that the same instinct and moral o

Chapter 02: Is it Wrong Not to Help? Read by Paul Simon.
October 04, 2020

In chapter 2–narrated by award-winning singer-songwriter Paul Simon– Professor Peter Singer asks how far our moral obligation to help those living in poverty extends. Reflecting upon traditional views on helping the poor, he argues that there is nothing n

Chapter 03: Common Objections to Giving. Read by Marc Evan Jackson.
October 03, 2020

Marc Evan Jackson–best known for his acting in the NBC series “The Good Place,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”–narrates this Chapter which considers the validity of common objections to charitable giving. Examining global philanthropy, Professor Singer emphasiz

Chapter 04: Why Don't We Give More? Read by Natalia Vodianova.
October 02, 2020

In this chapter–narrated by supermodel, philanthropist, and angel impact investor, Natalie Vodianova–Professor Singer considers the psychological factors underlying why people don’t give more, and what might change that. Drawing upon his experiences, he d

Chapter 05: Creating a Culture of Giving. Read by Stephen Fry.
October 01, 2020

Narrated by the acclaimed English author, actor, and comedian, Stephen Fry, Chapter 5 delves into proven approaches to creating a culture of giving. Describing the emergence of effective giving communities across the globe, Professor Singer outlines examp

Chapter 06: How much does it cost to save a life? Read by Nicholas D'Agosto.
September 30, 2020

Narrated by actor and artist Nicholas D'Agosto, Chapter 6 debunks commonly held myths about how we should evaluate a charity’s performance and decide where to give. Drawing upon the emergence of charity evaluators who prioritize cost-effectiveness, Profes