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Tits Up with Pinky McKay

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The Truth About Sleep Training
November 30, 2021

All babies are different! How could a ‘one size fits all’ approach to baby sleep possibly work (particularly an approach that advocates separation of mother and baby)? In this insightful episode, Pinky interviews Carly Grubb, Founder and managing directo

Night Weaning, Gently With Love
November 23, 2021

Thinking about how to approach weaning your little one off night feeds? Well, Pinky’s main message is ‘Gradually and with love’ :>) In this episode, Pinky reminds us to be empathic and look at it from baby’s side – how do we feel as adults if we wake up

Caring for Baby Teeth
November 08, 2021

Dr Caroline Howarth is a Mum of five and a Paediatric Dentist, she fielded a mouthful of questions from Pinky's Facebook page - everything from wee hours feeds and tooth decay to flossing and frenulums. It’s fascinating to hear the critical role that sal

Breastfeeding with Insufficient Glandular Tissue
November 02, 2021

Villages aren’t just for bringing up children. Sometimes we need them to help feed the babies too. Today, our Tits Up guest is GP, Dr Marina McPherson and we are discussing Breastfeeding with Insufficient Glandular Tissue. The post Breastfeeding with Ins

Hope, Happiness and Mindset
October 18, 2021

Our Tits Up guest today is Turia Pitt and we are talking about ‘Hope, Happiness and Mindset’. Ultra marathon runner and coach, bushfire survivor, mining engineer and Mum… inspiring just doesn’t say enough! The post Hope, Happiness and Mindset appeared f

Struggles With the Mum Juggle
October 11, 2021

Clinical terms for parenting styles can often be misunderstood and loaded with bias. ‘Elimination Communication’ is one of these harsh sounding descriptions that seems to come out of a science lab! It ‘really means’ paying attention to your infant or tod

Mothering The Mother
October 04, 2021

Having an experienced Doula by your side before, during and after childbirth can fill a space that partners and parents may struggle with, or just not be equipped to handle. A sense of independent emotional support and help to understand - or just be a s

Attachment’ versus ‘Attachment Parenting’ – what do we really know?
September 27, 2021

Our Tits Up guest today is Psychologist, Dr Levita D’Souza, and we are discussing ‘Attachment’ versus ‘Attachment Parenting’ – what do we really know?’ Levita takes us on a really insightful and surprising journey in this episode as we discuss, what is a

Pelvic floor, Prolapse and Peeing Yourself Post Birth
September 20, 2021

Our Tits Up Guest today is Brave Mumma, Stephanie Thompson, cancer survivor, author, advocate, change maker, wife and mother of two little people. In 2015, Steph suffered a traumatic childbirth injury that changed her body and life forever. The post Pelv

Diversity in Mothering Journeys
September 13, 2021

Dr Jana Pitman – Olympian, World Champion athlete, mother of four and medical Dr in a busy emergency dept through the pandemic. You'll feel yourself getting 'puffed out' just listening to Jana Pittman's life! Often we think of athletes as determined, com