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Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast

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Organizing a Tiny House Festival with Miranda Aisling – #080
October 11, 2019

Miranda Aisling is returning to the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast to update us on the upcoming Big Mass Tiny House Festival, and her plans to turn an unused public building in Beverly, Massachusetts into a community art hotel. Plus,

Real Estate Development and Tiny Houses: How to Build a Tiny House Village with Terry Lantrip – #079
October 04, 2019

I learned about Terry’s work through Alexis and Christian of Tiny House Expedition. Terry is in the process of creating an urban tiny house village in Lake Dallas, Texas, in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Shou Sugi Ban and Bamboo: Old School Materials and Methods that are Better than Modern Techniques with Palo Coleman – #078
September 27, 2019

What natural material has the tensile strength of steel and can grow 12" in a single day? Bamboo! On today's show, I'm chatting with my friend Palo Coleman about alternative and old-school building methods and materials that are better than what we do ...

Representation Matters in the Tiny House Movement: Talking Diversity and Inclusion with Jewel Pearson – #077
September 20, 2019

Jewel is leading the conversation on inclusiveness and diversity in the tiny house movement and is a wonderful interview guest. We talk about a wide range of topics, from her own tiny house and the special features inside it,

Can You Heat your Tiny House with Compost? The Compost Powered Water Heater with Gaelan Brown – #076
September 13, 2019

On today’s show, we will be exploring the possibility of heating your tiny house with compost. Not long ago, I came across a book called The Compost-Powered Water Heater. It's only about 140 pages and I read it in one sitting.

How to Downsize Your Life in 31 Days with Brenda Mason – #075
September 06, 2019

Brenda Mason downsized from a 3100 sf, 5 bedroom home to a 310 sf converted motor coach tiny home in just 31 days. Brenda is passionate about helping others downsize their own lives, and she recommends doing it fast! In this conversation,

Empowering Women to Learn Construction Project Management with Lee Pera – #074
August 30, 2019

Lee Pera is an early pioneer in the tiny house movement and she actually helped build the first tiny house community that I ever saw, which was Boneyard Studios in Washington D.C. I wanted to have Lee on the show because she is planning a tour to teach...

How a Tiny House Can Help You Become Financially Independent and Retire Early: Introduction to the FIRE movement with Diania Merriam #073
August 23, 2019

I've been wanting to introduce you to the FIRE movement for quite a long time, and I finally found the guest to do it! If you haven't heard of it, FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. It's a movement dedicated to extreme savings and inv...

Tiny House Trailer Types, Tricks and Trouble – #072
August 16, 2019

As I mentioned in my last episode of the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, I just finished teaching a two week design/build course at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Waitsfield, Vermont. Working alongside other talented instructors was an inspiring ex...

Design a Tiny House To Fit Your Lifestyle with Erin Maile O’Keefe – #071
August 09, 2019

Erin Maile O'Keefe is a talented designer who designed and built the Paper Boat tiny house for herself and her husband, where they live in the backyard of a house that they own. In this conversation we'll break down the Paper Boat design,