Throw Buddha On The Barbie

Throw Buddha On The Barbie

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033 Banning clapping and hugging in schools, speeding fines and staying neutral
July 21, 2016

Waz and Jay have had a bit of a hiatus of late (sounds medical doesn't it?) but the boys are back on the mic...and Waz's soapbox! It seems there's been a lot going on since the last episode, in particular some of the global tragedies. On a local scale...

032 Exercising your awareness muscle and Jay gets critical
April 26, 2016

There's an oft told story of Tiger Woods' coach defining the value of external feedback, because we "can't see ourselves swing". Whether it's golf, business or life, it can be tough to observe our own behaviours and the results (or lack of) they...

031 How to simply be with Kelly Exeter and Brooke McAlary
March 21, 2016

Life is busy. With access to more technology, more gadgets, more information and more possibilities than ever before we're able to cram incredible amounts of 'stuff' into our lives. You would think, that with all our advances and time saving...

030 Dietician Gabrielle Maston talks fad diets, junk science and misinformation
March 02, 2016

Today we invite someone on the show who is a member of a profession we made some 'interesting' comments about in a previous episode. Gabrielle Maston is a dietician and exercise physiologist who thinks her profession gets something of a raw deal...

029 Jasmin Newman talks feminism, genderisation and relating to men
February 09, 2016

Ever since recorded history, the difference between men and women has been talked, written and sung about! We all know we're different but what of it? What of the whole gender equality issue, the feminist movement and how all this relates to modern...

028 Putting An End To Employer Employee Suffering
February 03, 2016

We've all been one or the other at some point in our lives. Most of us start out as employees, working for 'the man'. Then some of us figure out that we can do a better job than our lunatic boss so we start our own company and become an employer....

027 What is psychology, the depression epidemic and interesting statistics
January 28, 2016

We've talked a bit about labels and stigma on the podcast before and today we dig a little deeper into the stereotyping of 'seeing a psychologist'. We happen to know a guy who just completed his psychology degree so we thought we'd ask him to give...

025 Why setting goals is bad for your goals
January 12, 2016

We all know that not setting goals is like sailing a ship without a rudder.  Right? Well, maybe this thinking is flawed. Especially if you're the sort of person who's ever set a goal and not achieved it. Our guest today has worked with...

024 Gary Belcher on football, blokes and being there for our mates
January 03, 2016

Gary Belcher has seen his fair share of success. Perhaps more than most of us. As one of Australia's top level rugby league players in the 80's and 90's, Gary went on to pioneer 'The Footy Show' which became one of the country's top sports review...