Latest Episodes

Episode 31 The "Some of us Have Seen Batman Vs Superman" Episode
March 28, 2016

This week Brian has seen the MOTY, Andrew has as well and isn't as enthused and Brendan sounds hollow as his mic was broken. This is mostly Batman Vs Superman and we have some good discussion despite audio weirdness (which at this point could be the name

Episode 30 Pod Royale
March 21, 2016

Andrew is going pro in CoD Brian got activated in the Division and Brendan is obsessed with Clash Royale. WE cover a lot of thins having been out for a week and end as we usually do getting mad at each other about batman v superman.

Episode 29 Our First Guest!
March 07, 2016

This week we welcome our first guest Patrick! Andrew is on that Call of Duty grind, Brian finds things too funny, Patrick is making chicken and Brendan tries his best to keep this show on track. We over talk a lot but we had a good time so come have a goo

Episode 28 Waking Brian
March 03, 2016

This week Brian is tired from work but excited for comics, Andrew has the giggles and Brendan can't Twitch. This week starts out pretty normal and then gets goofy... enjoy! It has maybe the most in depth Daredevil talk toy will ever hear.

Episode 27 Don't Call it a Reboot
February 22, 2016

This week Andrew is judging children playing HoopBall, Brain is all about that division and Brendan: Birthright is playing his 3DS a whole bunch lately. This week we talk Fire Emblem Fates and more Division Beta. In news we talk about the non-issue of Qua

Episode 26 Three's Company.
February 15, 2016

Everyone is back together. Brian gets riled up, Andrew has the giggles and Brendan talks on for too long (so the usual). This week we talk some UFC, COD Final Fantasy explorers and Darkest Dungeon. In news we speculate about Destiny 2 and Titan Fall2 and

ThreeLives Bonus Stage
February 08, 2016

Brian is M.I.A. so Brendan and Andrew take the chance to have some "discussions" in person they have been having over social media for a few weeks. Back next week with a regular episode.

Episode 25 EA at E3? ENope.
February 01, 2016

This week it's Andrew's turn to miss and episode, Brendan Is playing a tiny game and Brian is Playing a big one. This week we talk Final Fantasy Explorers and The Division beta in games we've been playing. Talk then moves onto EAs absence from E3, Squaren

Episode 24 While The Cat's Away
January 25, 2016

This week Andrew takes another turn in the hosting chair, Brian texts his girlfriend, and Brendan had to work so is absent. This week the show boldly goes where the podcast hasn't gone before. It starts with discussion about Highschool then moves onto; ho

Episode 23 Agree to Disagree
January 18, 2016

This week Brian is out due to computer malfunction, Andrew be trollin', and Brendan solves the Zodiac murders. We are short on games this week having only added Disney infinity to the mix but we talk a whole bunch about David Bowie, Punch Club and then Ne