TWiCE - This Week in Civil Engineering

TWiCE - This Week in Civil Engineering

TWiCE 09: This Week in Civil Engineering – Robot Detects & Assess Potholes

November 05, 2020

Welcome to This Week in Civil Engineering (TWiCE), the first weekly audio and video podcast covering weekly news stories and events related to civil engineering and its sub-disciplines. In this week's episode we provide you with the latest news in the Civil Engineering industry including covering how the University of Liverpool announced that it has formed a new spin out company – Robotiz3d Ltd – focused around a robot that has the potential to radically transform road maintenance.
Breaking News in Civil Engineering:

Robot to detect and assess potholes being developed by University of Liverpool, UK
From: Tom Stone|
How sustainability is shaping bridge construction
From: Construction Europe magazine |
IBM introduces new technology to help ageing infrastructure
From: Tyler Omoth |

National News in Civil Engineering:

Part of Charter Oak Bridge Project Completed Year Ahead of Schedule: Connecticut Department Of Transportation
From: Dan Corcoran |
Keeping Key Arena’s Landmark Lid Overhead at Climate Pledge Arena Redevelopment Is A 22,000-Ton Balancing Act
From: Nadine M. Post |

International News in Civil Engineering:

SISTec forms floating concrete blocks
From: Staff Reporter |
$13.5 million dollar tunnel boring machine for $4.4 billion dollar City Rail Link arrives in Auckland
From: Anne Gibson |

Infrastructure Stories:

US Department Of Transportation Awards $291 Million dollars for Passenger-Rail Infrastructure Projects
From: Tom Ichniowski |
U.S. Department of Agriculture sending $9.1 Million dollars to Florida to Improve Rural Drinking Water, Help Wastewater Infrastructure
From: Kevin Derby |

Career Inspiration of the Week:

Always seek to learn every single day, read a book, or read an article. Find more ways to learn these concepts, and do not only learn them but study them after you are done learning. When you are learning, try to share your knowledge with students, engineers and overall develop your communication skills.
Quote of the Week:

"You don't need to be excellent at everything you do, but be authentic, understanding, and be a good listener to those around you." ~ Muzamil Husain, PE

About the Host:
Luis Duque, EIT, A.M. ASCE, SEI is currently working as a Bridge Engineer at Foothills Bridge Co. Foothills provides engineered solutions for the erection, retrofitting, and dismantling of bridges. He also hosts a podcast, the Engineering our Future Podcast, where he shares his experience as a young engineer in the industry to help other young professionals and students succeed in their careers. During his graduate studies, he worked on a project entitled "Evaluation of UAV as a Bridge Inspection Tool". His research was conducted to promote and develop new and innovative techniques to inspect bridges to decrease costs and risks involved with current inspection practices. Luis is currently involved with ASCE, SEI, EWB, and SHPE in a variety of volunteering opportunities as well being a mentor for a South Dakota State University capstone team for the past 2 years.

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