This Epic Disaster

This Epic Disaster

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Don't Poke The Brown Bear
September 16, 2019

Rick and Cheri both have dreams that involve the elimination of Cheri. Cheri brings in a special gift for Rick. Rick discusses his dog history. Cheri invites Rick to visit a Haunted House but Rick is not very enthusiastic about it. Ghost Tours with...

Friends Don't Let Friends Date Friends
September 08, 2019

Cheri makes a choice about trying to date a friend and now she can't undo it. Rick and Cheri discuss who their ideal podcast guests would be now that they blew the chance to interview David Tennant. What would you do if we win 120 million dollars??...

Your Art Sucks!
September 02, 2019

Cheri is going out for a night of karaoke and Rick wants to crash the party and video it. Rick shares a couple of documentaries he has recently watched, including one he considers to be one of the best. Rick wants to know how to handle it when a...

Quaid Of The Rings
August 26, 2019

Not Everything in Life Turns Out As Expected

It's Impossible!
August 19, 2019

After months of rumors, Burger King finally adds the Impossible Burger to it's menu and Cheri and Rick are quick to try it out and give it a review. Can a plant-based burger be as good as an animal-based burger? Listen and learn. Rick wants to know...

Country Hell
August 13, 2019

Sorry for the delay but sometimes sickness strikes! Rick realizes that they have hardly discussed country music even though they have discussed other genres of music in depth. So here it is. Rick invents a country music game called "Country Hell."...

Eighty Five
August 05, 2019

It's episode 85 which makes This Epic Disaster our longest running Podcast! We celebrate by telling you interesting things that happened in the year 1985. For some reason. Rick goes to Texas and almost doesn't make it back. He also discovers Texas is...

July 28, 2019

It's the week of Cheri's Birthday and Rick dedicates the entire show to her. Sorta. So, if you could have any present in the world, what would you want? Where would you want to spend your birthday if you could spend it anywhere? Who would you invite?...

Jeff Goldblum's Parts
July 21, 2019

Episode 83 - A new Tennessee law that bans people from performing marriages if they were ordained online. Should a state be allowed to make this decision? Rick wonders if his wife is planning a polyamorous relationship with Jeff Goldblum and Johnny...

This Bites
July 15, 2019

Episode 82: Rick brings a much needed present to Cheri to help her deal with one of her big fears. Rick visits the Grant Park Market in Atlanta and has nothing but praises. Cheri gets a dog bite and researches what to do when bitten. Rick wants to...